• How to Make Healthy Dehydrated Treats

    Making dried treats at home is easy and saves money. Your pets will thank you!
  • Healthy Treats Matter

    Don't ruin a high-quality diet by feeding low-quality snacks.
  • Making Cat Food

    Cats are much more finicky than dogs when it comes to eating what we make for them.
  • Choosing the Right Pet Food

    Navigating the pet food aisle can be frustrating and confusing. Help your pets live longer by providing fresh foods.
  • AAFCO Sinks to New Lows

    On November 5th, I received the following e-mail. Others receiving this same e-mail included all the folks at Answers Pet Food, Susan Thixton (Trut...
  • Playing Favorites: The Abuse of Power to Control Pet Food Ingredients

    The question now lingers – will AAFCO see legal action from these suppliers that were essentially eliminated from the animal feed supply chain? There are millions of dollars at stake here. Has the AAFCO board finally met their match?
  • FDA Leaves Pet Owners in the Lurch

    Day One of AAFCO Annual Meeting August 2019 and I’ve already got steam coming out my ears!
  • You Can't Solve Allergies if You Don't Fix the Diet

    Dealing with itching, scratching pets with chronic ear and skin infections is incredibly frustrating for pet owners. Listening to chewing, licking...
  • Choosing the Right Diet

    For years I have been saying there is no "one size fits all" diet for our pets. When asked which company makes the best food, or what one food I r...
  • Trust in Pet Food Industry

    Recently there have been dozens of recalls within the pet food industry associated with excess levels of vitamin D in both canned and dry pet food...
  • Higher Price Does Not Mean More Meat

    Analysts for Woof Whiskers recently undertook a survey of pet foods offered for sale on a popular website. They compared protein content to price ...
  • Voluntary Versus Mandatory Food Recalls

    Lately it seems there are weekly recalls in the pet food industry; contamination with euthanasia solution, bacteria, or endotoxins, over or under-...