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Has your dog been diagnosed with some type of kidney or urinary condition? Whether the issue your dog is experiencing is acute or chronic, this course will teach you how to navigate the diagnosis to maximize not just your dog’s lifespan, but their quality of life. 

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Learn all about kidney disease in cats, including symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and helpful dietary modifications and remedies in this 1.5 hour course, Kidney Disease in Cats Explained with Dr. Amaya Espíndola.

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  • Crystals in the Urine?

    Even though I have many videos and blogs regarding crystals found on urinalysis, I still get questions regarding this problem in my inbox multiple times every week. Obviously, this is a common problem, which, unfortunately is often treated with poor quality prescription diets or unnecessary antibiotics.

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  • Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs and Cats

    A urinary tract infection (UTI) refers to a bacterial infection or inflammation of any or all parts of the urinary tract, but it most commonly involves the urinary bladder (bacterial cystitis).

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  • My Dog Has Sprung a Leak!

    Urinary incontinence can be a huge issue for pet owners, sometimes resulting in euthanasia when pet owners are disgusted by dogs leaving puddles of urine around the house. Urinary incontinence can be seen at any age, depending on the cause.

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  • Diagnosing and Treating Kidney Disease

    One of the most common ailments in dogs and cats is kidney (renal) disease, a broad term that applies to any disease process that leaves the kidneys unable to effectively filter toxins out of the blood and maintain water balance in the body.

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  • Kidney Failure in Cats and How to Treat it Naturally

    Kidney failure in cats is the number one problem reported to pet insurance companies. Some things that can contribute to kidney disease include: high blood pressure, chronic urinary tract infection, urinary tract obstruction, viral diseases, and some drugs (like NSAIDS).

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  • Don't Overlook This Silent Killer

    Sometimes owners are amazed at the amount of weight a pet has gained or lost; gradual changes may not be noticed at home. Often, owners assume that weight loss or gain, increased water consumption, and decreased activity are normal changes to expect as pets age.

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