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  • Canine Allergy: Recurring Skin, Ear, & Gut Conditions

    In this course Dr. Conor Brady goes over: Allergy versus intolerance, why allergy tests don't work, how to fix the gut, and top natural supplements.

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Allergy Supplements

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  • Incurable Canine Atopic Dermatitis (Allergies)

    A published study from Finland found identifiable dietary, genetic, and environmental factors that play a role in development of canine atopic dermatitis - a fancy name for allergies that cause skin disease, inflammation, and itching in dogs.

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  • You Can't Solve Allergies if You Don't Fix the Diet

    Dealing with itching, scratching pets with chronic ear and skin infections is incredibly frustrating for pet owners. Listening to chewing, licking, and scratching has the same effect as nails on a blackboard for me.

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  • CBD vs Apoquel

    Looking to relieve your dog’s itching, scratching, redness, and rashes, but hoping for an Apoquel alternative? 

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Allergy & Intolerance Test Kits

Allergy - Topicals

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The deepest clean for pets

Thera-Clean® Microbubbles gently removes trapped dirt, bacteria, yeast — and even allergens — to reduce odor and itching and dramatically improve therapeutic results without soaps, chemicals or abrasives.

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  • Julie Anne Lee's Relief Protocol for Dogs

    This protocol was developed for cases of significant inflammation (allergies, IBD, skin issues) to provide support and relief for dogs that are experiencing symptoms like severe itching, bald spots, yeast, recurring ear infections, and more.

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  • Alternatives to Dangerous Drugs

    Dr. Judy's list of natural alternatives to using:

    • parasiticides
    • NSAIDs
    • Trilostane
    • Anti-allergy medications
    • Antibiotics
    • Phenylpropanolamine
    • Prescription Diets
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