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Links to Affiliate Discounts

We know we have an awesome community, and some of our natural pet care friends want to be able to share in the fun! The following affiliate links will enable you to receive a discount on high quality products from other companies. 

AnimalBiome 🐱🐶

  • Receive a 20% discount on all AnimalBiome products using this link or the code MORGAN-20.

AnimalBiome microbiome testing identifies imbalances in your pet’s gut and provides personalized diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations to improve your pet’s gut health. AnimalBiome has a line of revolutionary supplements based on the latest microbiome science including Gut Restore Supplement, the world’s only “fecal transplant” in a capsule.

Catastrophic Creations 🐱

  • Receive a complimentary bag of premium catnip (retail value at $10.50) included with your purchase using this link.

Catastrophic Creations specializes in wall mounted furniture, including bridges, scratching posts, shelves, and hammocks, that enriches the lives of house cats. They started way back in 2013 after they brought their first cat, Ickle, home. They started noticing that a lot of the cat furniture out there looked very similar and a bit outdated. So they started playing around with some unconventional ideas and making their own. 

CBD from Naturally Healthy Hemp 🐱🐶

  • Receive a 10% discount on CBD products using this link or the code Judy10.

Naturally Healthy Hemp is focused on education and research in order to provide you the highest quality CBD on the market. NHH fully vets out all products before allowing them to enter their marketplace. You know you are not only getting the real thing, but the safest products for you and your pets. Email for one-on-one support.

Dr. Dobias Natural Healing for Dogs 🐶

  • Receive a 5% discount on 2 Dr. Dobias products, a 10% discount on 3 products, or a 15% discount on 4+ products using this link.

Dr. Dobias' supplements and other products are made from all natural human grade ingredients that are certified organic whenever possible. They do not source any ingredients from countries with history of tainted pet food production or animal abuse.

NutriScan by Dr. Jean Dodds 🐱🐶

  • Receive a 10% discount on Nutriscan by Dr. Jean Dodds using this link or the code Judy10.

NutriScan is the world's leading food intolerance test for dogs and cats. Real Science will measure your companion animal's tolerance to the 24 foods and 88 food derivatives most prevalent in pet food. Real Data will give you the knowledge to choose the proper diet for your dog and cat, solving present and future problems, enhancing their well being and prolonging their longevity. Your companion's well being is in your hands - Good Health Starts Now!