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This 1 hour course, Treating Heart Disease in Dogs, is for the pet parent looking to take the best care possible of their dog with heart disease. It won’t take away the need for a veterinarian, but it certainly will help you feel confident you’re equipped with the knowledge to advocate for the best care for your dog possible.

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  • Diagnosing and Treating Heart Disease in Dogs and Cats

    Many breeds of dogs and cats are prone to heart disease. While there are no proven methods to decrease the risk of heart disease in a breed genetically prone to its development, a pet owner has many nutritional, herbal, and therapeutic options to support healthy heart function. 

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  • Heart Disease in Cats

    Cardiomyopathy is the name given toany disease affecting the heart muscle. This is the most common form of heart disease seen in cats; it is the most common cause of heart failure. Unlike dogs and humans, disease of the heart valves is not very common in cats.

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  • Benefits of CoQ10 for Heart Disease

    A recent study evaluating the effects of using CoQ10 for dogs with heart disease revealed information regarding dosing. Clinical benefits for humans with heart failure have been shown in numerous studies, but this was the first study undertaken to evaluate dogs naturally suffering with mitral valve disease (rather than experimentally induced MVD).

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