The Household Items Every Pet Owner Needs To Be Aware Of

Bringing a dog into your home can give you so much joy, which explains why US homes kept nearly 90 million dogs during 2017. As a dog owner, it’s vital you do all you can to keep your pet away from harm to prevent a nasty incident from occurring. There’s nothing worse than rushing your dog to the emergency veterinarian after discovering he’s consumed a toxic household substance, which is why maintaining a secure home and a creating a safe backyard for your dog is key. But, do you know which household items are the biggest risks to your pet?

Everyday food items

Coffee, chocolate, avocado pits and skins, grapes, raisins, and onions are just some of the everyday food items which pose a hazard to the nation’s furry friends. Therefore, it’s essential that if you keep any of these products in your kitchen that you ensure they are inaccessible to dogs and cats. Many pets have mastered the skill of opening cupboards to get what they want, so consider putting child locks on the doors to keep them safe. While feeding healthy, fresh human food is highly recommended, it’s not advisable to feed your pet scraps from the dinner table, no matter how much he sits by your feet and begs. Spices, sauces, and fatty foods can upset your pet’s stomach, cause unnecessary weight gain and there’s the possibility that the leftover burger you give him might contain onions or onion powder.

Household items

Across the country, homes are packed full of household toxins which could make pets sick. Household cleaners contain an array of chemicals which are toxic to both humans and animals, which is why you so often see warning symbols on the back of their containers. Pets consuming human medication is another common occurrence. According to the Animal Poison Control Center, 17% of all poison cases were a result of dogs ingesting their owner’s medication.

Prevention and solutions

To prevent your pet from ingesting or breathing in the vapors emitted from household cleaners, use natural products. Natural cleaners are kinder to the environment and, more importantly, won’t put you or your pet at risk. Household cleaners made from natural products are readily available to purchase, but it’s possible to make your own, too. Should you decide to continue using some man-made items, it’s essential that you keep them securely closed and stored away from your pet. Medications should always be kept away from inquisitive animals, too, and should you suspect your pet has swallowed something he shouldn’t have, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Every home contains items which are potentially lethal to a pet. Therefore, owners should carefully consider the food items they purchase and where they store them. Household cleaners can be hazardous too, so, switching to natural products instead and storing them out of reach is a great preventative measure.


Submitted by Chrissy Jones (thanks!)

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