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Wildly Blended

Wildly Blended | Bug Off - 4oz

Wildly Blended | Bug Off - 4oz

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Bug Off is a unique supplement formulated to help prevent fleas, ticks, and mosquitos from landing on and biting your dog and cat.

This proprietary formula contains the highest quality, human-grade, organic ingredients that help boost the immune system by supporting liver and kidney function which, in turn, helps eliminate built up toxins from the body.

These ingredients help promote healthy skin and coat, support cardiac function, and reduce environmental allergies that plague many pets during the spring/summer seasons.

The aromatic plants in Bug Off will help to slowly alter your pet’s scent, making it more undesirable to insects yet unnoticeable to humans. Preventing insects from landing on and biting your pet in the first place is the main goal.


Organic neem leaf, organic nettle leaf, organic fennel seed, organic alfalfa, organic wheatgrass, organic apple cider vinegar, organic dill weed, organic holy basil, organic black pepper, organic cayenne pepper, organic sage leaf


Mix with a meal once per day.

20lbs or less 1/4 TSP
21-40lbs 1/2 TSP
41-60lbs 3/4 TSP
61-80lbs 1 TSP
81lbs or over 1 1/4 TSP

How Long Will a Jar Last?

approx. 204 day supply for 20lbs or less / approx. 68 day supply for 60lb 


Alfalfa contains coumarin and vitamin K which can make it effective as an anti-coagulant. Because of this, caution should be used with animals with anemia.

About Wildly Blended

A small batch company, the creator of Wildly Blended received the first certifications in Raw Dog Food Nutrition and Acute Canine Herbalism in 2020, and a secondary certification as a Canine Nutrition Professional in 2022.

Disappointed in pet stores full of products that were made with synthetics, dyes, fillers, artificial flavorings, and preservatives, she decided to start making her own products.

Every single product by Wildly Blended was formulated with intention. Each ingredient was researched in clinical studies for their effectiveness, and used for their specific purpose. The creator of Wildly Blended tested every product on her own dogs, and continue to use them to this very day.

Their mission has always been to provide safe, high quality products at an affordable price, with minimal impact to our environment.

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