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Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Rabbit Bites - Treats for Cats
Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Rabbit Bites - Treats for Cats

Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Rabbit Bites - Treats for Cats

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Vital Essentials Vital Cat Rabbit Bites Freeze-Dried Cat Treats are made from pure, raw, rabbit. We never use added hormones or antibiotics, no added fillers, flavoring or rendered by-products. Limited ingredient, high protein cat treats support your cat’s health, naturally. These treats will have your cats hopping with joy! Freeze-dried Rabbit Bites are a great source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, taurine and more. Cats love the taste because we use a 48-hour slow freeze-drying process that locks in the natural flavor, texture and freshness of the meat without compromising the nutritional value. A healthy, nutritious and delicious way to feed your cat between meals. Treats with real meat your cat instinctively craves.

Net Contents: 1 oz bag

RABBIT BITES CAT TREATS. A great source of Vitamn A, B6, Taurine and more. Freeze-dried Rabbit Bites will have your cats hopping with joy! Packaged in a convenient, on-the-go, easy to serve pouch.

GOOD TASTING CAT TREATS. In addition to getting a balanced diet and enjoying healthy digestion, your cat likes eating raw foods. The texture, taste and satisfaction, all so primal and exciting for your cat.

LIMITED INGREDIENT CAT TREAT: the purr-fect treat for your persnickety feline! Prepared from pure, raw, Rabbit, slow, freeze-drying process, locking in the natural nutrients.

SOURCED FROM INSPECTED FACILITIES: our rabbit is from USDA or French Ministry of Agriculture, inspected facilities. Just rabbit, nothing else.

VITAL CAT TREATS: Made with only fresh, whole, single-sourced USDA animal protein, loaded with essential nutrition that your cat instinctively craves. Reward your feline with healthy, nutritious treats.

WHO SAID YOU CAN'T BUY THEIR LOVE WITH CAT TREATS? Cat parents around the world know your cat can easily snub you. Get more lap time with Vital Cat freeze-dried treats that your feline will come to crave.


Rabbit, mixed tocopherols (preservative)