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Pet Essences - Obsess Less

Pet Essences - Obsess Less

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Repetitive negative behavior patterns can become habit and be detrimental to our animal’s health and well-being. Obsessive compulsive behaviors may start as something small but turn into a constant issue or become dangerous to our pets. Like humans, animals can exhibit obsessive-compulsive behaviors that manifest from internal stressors.

Issues like constant cribbing, licking, or gnawing on items or themselves can be difficult habits to break and can lead to ingestion of foreign objects. Bodily harm such as hair pulling, or over-plucking of feathers can leave to dermal issues or worse.

Obsess Less is a gentle Flower Essence that can help your animal to:

  • Process internalized emotions that are leading to obsessive behavior
  • Release self-loathing, frustration, or boredom
  • Redirect negative feelings into more healthy outlets such as interaction with you
  • Break the cycle of negative behaviors
  • Reduce harm to themselves

Internalizing our emotions in never healthy, especially for animals. Obsess Less allows your pet to move forward from negative feelings and stop taking it out on themselves.

Animals of any species or age can benefit from Obsess Less. Certain behaviors or situations may benefit well from pairing Obsess Less with other Flower Essences such as Angel of Mercy, Easy Does It, and/or Mellow Out.


A short loading dose is recommended when beginning to use the flower essences. Simply use the recommended dosage two to three times daily for the first three days. Once the desired balance has been reached, use recommended dosage one to two times daily as part of your animal’s daily regimen to optimize efficacy.

Oral Use:
Birds: 1-2 drops rubbed onto their beak
Cats & Small Animals: 4-8 drops per use
Dogs, People, & Medium Animals: 6-10 drops per use
Horses & Large Animals: 12-15 drops per use
Water Use:
Small Bird Water Bowl: 1 drop
Small Water Bowls for Pets: 4-6 drops
Large Water Bowls for Pets: 6-8 drops
Water Buckets (~ 5 gallon): 10-15 drops
Water Troughs: 30-35 drops


A proprietary blend of infusions of horse chestnutEuropean crab applepurple monkeyflowerred horse chestnutgolden willow and solarized spring water flower essences, distilled water and distilled vinegar.

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