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DIY Love Bugs Toothpaste

DIY Love Bugs Toothpaste

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Pets need proper dental care, just like people do. Daily brushing helps keep your pet healthy. Love Bugs Toothpaste is a recipe recommended by Adored Beast Apothecary for dental health.

This 2 Product Kit includes:

    + comes with a Dr. Judy Toothbrush (colors vary!)

    Adored Beast Apothecary Love Bugs is a pre & probiotic blend with 14 strains.

    CocoTherapy Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is an all natural, USDA organic oil that can be given orally or topically to provide medium chain fatty acids to cats, dogs, and birds. Each jar of this pristine coconut oil was extracted from fresh, organically grown coconut that was then cold-pressed in small patches to ensure its quality.