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I-MED I-DROP Vet Gel Lubricating Eye Drops

I-MED I-DROP Vet Gel Lubricating Eye Drops

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The Most Effective Viscoadaptive, Preservative-Free Artificial Tear

For Providing Hydration and Lubrication in Severe Dry Eyes   

I-DROP® VET viscoadaptive artificial tears effectively and quickly help to relieve dry eyes. I-DROP® VET combines the advantages of the cohesive physical properties of the viscoelastic ingredient and the dispersive physical properties of a low molecular weight glycerin lubricant.

Together, these biopolymers promote excellent coating and recoating of the surface of the eye, superior moisturizing and lubrication for enhanced patient comfort and longer residence time without blurring or foreign body sensation.

Separately, neither a standard cohesive viscoelastic eye drop, nor a traditional cellulose or PVA-based dispersive viscous eye drop offers the total benefits that are achieved in this uniquely formulated viscoadaptive eye drop.

• Fewer applications required
• Lower total cost
• Increased comfort
• Easy to apply

10ml bottle

Apply 1 drop to each eye as needed.