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FleasGone Tag | Non-Toxic Flea and Tick Prevention

FleasGone Tag | Non-Toxic Flea and Tick Prevention

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A chemical-free, waterproof tag that offers 2 years of protection for your pet

Prevention is better than cure, and that is precisely what FleasGone Flea & Tick tag is designed to achieve.

When attached to your pet’s collar, the tag creates a protective shield that repels fleas, ticks, and other parasites. FleasGone tag is a non-toxic natural anti-parasitic preventative tag backed by scientific studies and reinforced by customer testimonials spanning 20+ years. The effectiveness of FleasGone tag is guaranteed within 1-2 months of use, when used on a pet who is currently free of parasites. It is encouraged to bathe your pet with a flea & tick shampoo before applying the tag & treated with a repel spray or essential oil throughout the activation period. 

How It Works

Th original 2-yr FleasGone Tag is made with Aluminum. The electromagnetically charge in the FleasGone Tag forms a protective shield around the animal's body, within 30-60 days after it is attached on your pet's collar. The electromagnetic field in FleasGone Tag interacts with the natural electromagnetic waves from the heart, and is a key element in generating scalar waves that repel parasites such as fleas and ticks. Scalar waves create a bio resonant field. For a scientific explanation and illustration, please download the pdf on How FleasGone Tags Work

In medical practice, scalar waves are created by powered scalar generators. FleasGone Tag offers the same technology in a convenient wearable form. Due to the permanent contact of the Tag with the pet, and the movement of the pet, a bio-resonant field is formed which repels parasites, including those which cause pets danger and discomfort, and prevents them from residing or laying eggs on your pet. You simply attach the tag to the collar of your pet and allow the first month for the protection to begin. 

Directions For Use

Step 1 - Introduction

Attach the FleasGone Tag on the cat or dog's collar. For guaranteed results, you must ensure that your pet is free of fleas and ticks, and their larvae and eggs, when the tag is introduced.

Step 2 - Activation

The tag has an activation period, and must remain on the pet at all times, including when groomed. It has no side-effects on pets or children, and is water-resistant.

Step 3 - Possession

A single FleasGone Tag is effective on a single pet at any given time, and must remain on the pet for continuous protection throughout the multi-year protection period.

Step 4 - Satisfaction

FleasGone Flea & Tick Tag is chemical-free, odor-free, safe for children, EPA established, effective for multiple years, and backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Ensuring Tag Effectiveness

The controlled study of FleasGone Tags carried out by the Faculty of Veterinary Science of the Complutense University of Madrid concluded that flea and tick infested animals with FleasGone Tags exhibited a significant decrease in infestation on day 28 and and no ticks were found on day 60, while the animals without FleasGone Tag exhibited no decrease in ticks during the same 2 month period.

The FleasGone Tag Directions for Use state that the animal will be free of fleas and ticks at the end of the 1st month. A precondition to start seeing the results earlier than the 60 days, as determined from the controlled study, is that the animal must be 100% free of fleas and ticks and their larvae and eggs (1) at the time of introducing the FleasGone Flea & Tick Tag, and (2) throughout the initial activation period.

If this precondition is not met, there could be residual fleas and ticks remaining on the animal.

The FleasGone Tag does NOT kill parasites, it repels them. We recommend a bath with an anti-parasite shampoo, or other natural products, to aid with eradicating any living parasites and/or their eggs when switching to the FleasGone Tag. It takes time for the scaler waves to synch with your pets heartbeat, so during the activation period, please continue using a natural flea & tick repellant. 

To ensure continuous protection for the specified life of the tag, the tag must be kept on the animal at all times. Removing the tag for any amount of time will require the tag to go through the activation process again, during which the tag will not be effective.

This tag is not affected by water so it is fine to be left on during bathing & water play. 

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