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Dr. Harvey's Solaris Supplement
Dr. Harvey's Solaris Supplement

Dr. Harvey's Solaris Supplement

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A Powerful Healing Formula

A twice-daily whole food supplement formulated by Dr. Harvey to help support your dog’s immune system. Solaris contains ingredients that have been shown to be helpful in the treatment of some cancers.

Contains a Variety of Organic Healing Mushrooms
including Organic Chaga Mushroom, Organic Sheep Sorrel, Organic Reishi Mushroom, Organic Agaricus Mushroom, and Organic Antrodia Mushroom, all of which help balance the response of the body’s immune system.

Contains Organic Astragalus, a super herb used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat cancer by enabling your pet’s body to boost its white blood cell count, produce more antibodies and natural killer cells, and strengthen its antiviral immunity

Contains Organic Wheat Grass, a living, anti-bacterial food that helps to alkalize and detox your dog’s lymph glands and blood cells, thus allowing the body to remove toxins more quickly and efficiently

Contains Organic Tumeric, a food high in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties with the main ingredient curcumin, an anti-viral, anti-fungal agent that has been shown to be helpful in protecting pets against some cancers.

Contains Two – 2.5 oz jars. Each of the two jars contain approximately 60 scoops.

Ex. For a dog that weighs 45 pounds, this product would last approximately 30 days.

Ingredients: Morning Formula Ingredients: Organic Astragalus, Organic Chaga Mushroom, Ligustrum, Organic Sheep Sorrel, Organic Reishi Mushroom, Organic Milk Thistle, Organic Wheat Grass, Organic Agaricus Mushroom, Organic Turkey Tail, Organic Burdock Root, Pine Bark, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Antrodia Mushroom, Organic Dandelion Root, Organic Chlorella Evening Formula Ingredients: Organic Turmeric, Organic MSM, Organic Olive Leaf, Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Organic Maitake Mushroom, Organic Beet Root, Organic Red Clover, Organic Cordyceps Mushroom, Cats Claws, Bee Propolis, Aronia, Organic Shiitake Mushroom, Organic King Trumpet Mushroom, Spirulina, Organic Nutritional Yeast