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Dogs First | StoolRite | For Anal Gland Issues

Dogs First | StoolRite | For Anal Gland Issues

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Formulated by our friend, Dr. Conor Brady, and made in Ireland, Stoolrite is a unique, natural, patented supplement which contains a unique combination of soluble and insoluble dietary fibers from seaweed which boosts gut health, better controls water in the gut and helps improve stool quality. Better stools, together with its anti-inflammatory effects, subsequently help to relieve anal gland issues in dogs.

What is StoolRite?

StoolRite is a unique, all-natural solution to anal gland issues in dogs. It is made of an incredible type of sea plant (which exact one is proprietary, and no, it’s not kelp!) that not only acts as an anti-inflammatory in the gut but as it is also rich in soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, helps improve gut function and ultimately stool quality. It is this dual function that makes StoolRite an ideal solution for anal gland issues.

Why has my dog got anal gland problems?

Anal glands sit at 4 and 8 o’clock just inside your dog’s anus. They contain a sticky (and very smelly) greenish-yellow liquid that dogs use to communicate with each other. As a firm stool passes out the anus, it squishes the glands, emitting some of the pheromones.

Blocked anal glands most often result from a dog with gut issues – gastrointestinal inflammation coupled with soft stool means the glands do not express properly. This can soon become uncomfortable and even painful for the dog, which they try to relieve by bottom-scooting across your carpet.

How does Stoolrite help?

As well as being highly nutritious, the seaweed used in StoolRite is an anti-inflammatory and has a high fiber content which absorbs spare water in the gut, firming up the stool. Furthermore, the complex carbohydrates and dietary saccharides in StoolRite are thought to act as a natural prebiotic, helping to restore microbiota balance, boosting gut health and thus nutrient absorption in dogs.


    A single, high fiber, sustainably harvested green seaweed (proprietary)


    300g tub, includes 2g scoop.

    Dosing Instructions:

    2g (1 Scoop) per 22lbs of body weight

    StoolRite is a finely ground, green powder. It can be sprinkled right on top of food.

    Should not be used in:

    We recommend you do not use it in pets with hyperthyroidism.

    If using any other seaweed products in your pet's diet do not exceed a 5% inclusion ratio of seaweed product to total feed.