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Dog Gone Pain

Dog Gone Pain

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DGP, an all-natural supplement formula, works quickly and more completely than other natural products, without the negative side effects of prescription medications.

  • Supports mobility and flexibility
  • Acts quickly–many people see a noticeable difference in their pet’s mobility in as little as seven days
  • Is veterinarian recommended
  • Is all-natural and safe
  • Can be used by both cats and dogs

There is no need to use harsh, expensive medications if you give your pet DGP on a daily basis. Plus, you won’t have to wait for glucosamine and chondroitin to work. DGP works extremely quickly, as it is comprised of the perfect blend of ingredients to help put pep back in your pet’s step.

Let DGP help your pet be the carefree and playful member of the family you know and love. Join the thousands of pet owners and veterinarians that wouldn’t think of letting their four-legged family member go a day without it.


Marine Collagen Extract 300mg
Boswellia Extract 30mg
Corydalis Root 25mg
Wheatgrass 20mg
Turmeric 15mg
Feverfew (Tanacetum Parthenium) 6mg
Celery Seed Extract 3mg

A proprietary blend of (Mucopolysaccharide Complex, Malt Extract, Wild Rosella, Capsicum, Aniseed Myrtle, Mountain Pepper) 130mg

A proprietary enzyme blend of (Bromelain 2400GDU & Papain 6000) 60mg

Inactive Ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, natural beef extract, silicon dioxide, stearic acid

Suggested Usage: (Generally, 1 tablet every 30 lbs of body weight)


*Dr Judy urges caution when using DGP and NSAIDs together, as with all supplements, please consult your veterinarian before starting, stopping, or changing any supplements or medication


Under 15 lbs ½ Tablet
15 – 30 lbs 1 Tablet
31 – 60 lbs 2 Tablets
61 – 90 lbs 3 Tablets
91 -120 lbs 4 Tablets