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Five Leaf Botanicals

Five Leaf Botanicals | Canine Kidney Health Program

Five Leaf Botanicals | Canine Kidney Health Program

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Five Leaf Botanicals Canine Kidney Health Program

Canine Kidney Disease comes in various forms, dogs on this program have had the following conditions:

• Acute Kidney Failure

• Chronic Kidney Failure

• Congenital Kidney Disease

• Glomerulonephritis

• Kidney Failure due to Lyme and other tick born diseases

Canine kidney disease is a devastating and aggressive disease. While it is commonly seen in elderly dogs and thought to be part of the aging process, more and more we are seeing younger dogs being affected. Canine kidney disease is considered irreversible and canine kidney failure is usually considered fatal by conventional veterinary medicine.

Conventional treatment focuses on treating symptoms and managing the disease with fluid therapy, drugs and prescription low protein/low phosphorus commercially prepared diets. In some cases, this can prolong the life of the animal but not repair the damaged kidneys.

It is no surprise that treating symptoms does not restore health. Conventional treatment doesn't support the body in healing so how can we expect our dogs to recover by only doing conventional things?

The Canine Kidney Health program comes in where conventional treatment leaves off. This program focuses on nourishing the cells of the body by giving them the support they need in the form of herbs and a natural whole foods diet. The herbs in this formulae help to support the kidneys function, cleanse impurities from the blood and allow the body to focus energy where it is needed to support healing.

If you are looking for a preventative measure or support after recovery, Pet Protect (link here) is recommended.

With your order you will receive a copy of the Canine Kidney Health Program Handbook. This book includes important information on:

• Detailed Program Instructions

• Daily Schedule Samples

• Dosage Chart

• Diet and Exercise

It is suggested by Five Leaf Botanicals to combine this treatment with Hydrotherapy, which is detailed in the included program handbook.

This Kit Includes:

Hepara-Cleanse (1 Bottle)

Ingredients: Milk Thistle seed, Gentian root, Dandelion root, Oregon Grape root, Wormwood leaf and flower, Mojave Chaparral herb, Black Walnut hulls, Ginger rhizome, and Fennel seed.

The liver’s job is to cleanse the blood of any impurities such as those found in processed foods, tap water that is loaded with chemicals, the polluted air we all breathe and toxic pharmaceutical residues. These toxins overload your dog’s liver. They congest the liver and in turn the liver becomes less able to filter the blood. Over time the poisons that your dog’s liver should be removing get into the blood stream and eventually lead to disease. Our liver flush cleans and protects the liver and is a life saver for dogs with serious liver disease. Hepara-Cleanse also removes parasites and intestinal worms. We have seen dogs with sinus infections, skin infections and ear infections that recovered after ONLY one month of kidney and liver flush programs. Once the liver and kidneys have been cleansed it allows the body to focus its energy on healing the sick and diseased areas. So start giving your dog organic whole foods, clean filtered water, plenty of outdoor exercise and cleanse his liver and kidneys and you will see huge improvements in his health.

All ingredients are either organic or wild harvested.

Blood Cleansing Tonic (2 Bottles)

Ingredients: Red clover blossoms, Mojave Chaparral herb, Oregon Grape root, burdock root and seed, Yellow Dock root, Poke root, Habanero Cayenne peppers, and Lobelia seeds.

The potent herbs in this formula clean the blood and lymph glands. They remove poisons and toxins from the body’s fat, cells and blood.

All ingredients are either organic or wild harvested.

Rena-Cleanse (1 Bottle)

Ingredients: Juniper berries, Uva Ursi leaf, Horsetail herb, Burdock root and seed, Pipsissewa leaf, Parsley leaf and root, Goldenrod flower tops and Marshmallow root.

The kidneys are just as important in cleaning your dog’s blood as the liver. When the kidneys are healthy they take on the job of filtering blood plasma, they return good clean blood to the body and create urine to expel the waste. They also regulate the acid/alkaline balance, as well as the water and electrolytes of the blood. Cleaning the elimination organs will ensure that your pet will receive the nutrients and herbs it needs to regain its health.

This formula contains herbs that cleanse and support the healthy function of the kidneys as well as support the body in the healing process.

All ingredients are either organic or wild harvested.

Dog Greens (1 Jar)

Ingredients: Spirulina, Chlorella, Alfalfa, Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Kelp and Irish Moss.

Dog Greens provides your pet the following nutrients:

• Coenzyme Q10

• Omega 3 fatty acid

• GLA (gamma-linolenic acid)

• Mucopoly saccharides

• RNA & DNA (nucleic acids)

• Chlorophyll and Xanthopyll

• Alpha-linolenic

• SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase)

• B vitamins including B-12, pantothenic acid, choline, folic acid and others.

• Vitamin A (beta carotene), C, D, E, F, K and others.

• Array of minerals and microminerals including calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, iodine, selenium, silicon, silver, sulfur, iron, boron chromium, cobalt, copper, germanium, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, vanadium and more.

• Full of Enzymes and amino acids

This special blend of super foods is all plant based so it ensures total absorption of vitamins and minerals and is completely safe to take in large amounts. The super foods in Dog Greens will help rebuild the flora that has been lost in your dog’s intestines due to poor nutrition and pharmaceutical drugs including antibiotics. It ensures your dog will meet his nutritional needs so he can stay healthy and fight off diseases naturally. Once you begin supplementing your dog with Dog Greens you will notice many improvements in your dog’s looks and overall health.

WARNING: Always buy organically grown super foods (spirulina, kelp, barley grass etc.) If not grown in pristine monitored conditions, they could contain high levels of heavy metals and toxic poisons thus making your dog sick. We only use the highest quality organically grown ingredients in Dog Greens.

SPIRULINA AND CHLORELLA – not only are these two algae full of nutrients, ounce per ounce spirulina has twelve times the digestible protein than beef and one ounce of chlorella contains more calcium than once ounce of milk.

ALFALFA, BARLEY & WHEAT GRASS – grasses are full of vitamins and minerals, they have been making animals healthy and strong since the beginning of time.

KELP – a seaweed used for centuries to cure many ailments. It is also an anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory. Kelp helps balance out the thyroid and contains 20 key amino acids.

IRISH MOSS – a sea vegetable that fights respiratory diseases and has amazing anti-microbial and anti-viral effects. Irish moss is very effective for digestion problems and will strengthen your dog nails and hair.

All ingredients are either organic or wild harvested.

This kit will last a 40lb dog approximately a month

The following are additional steps Five Leaf Botanicals strongly recommends to give your pet the very best chance at recovery: 

Step 1: Pure drinking water, be it through carbon filter, reverse osmosis, distilled etc. Clean filtered water is essential. Tap water is full of poisons. Why make your dog’s kidneys work harder having to filter more poisons from their blood. Distilled water also aids in flushing toxins from the system.

Step 2: Plant based vitamins and minerals from grasses, sea vegetables and seaweeds known as superfoods. In the right combinations, these superfoods contain every possible nutrient, amino acid, vitamin, mineral, etc. This will ensure your pet’s body is getting all the nutrients it will need to support the healing process and fight against disease. Synthetic vitamins and minerals don’t cut it, they are made from dirt, stones, clam shells and even chemicals. They are poorly absorbable and can be toxic. Synthetic substances will put unnecessary strain on your pet’s system. If you can obtain a nutrient from a natural source that should be your first choice. We were given plants to convert inorganic non-absorbable earth minerals into highly absorbable organic nutrients that animals can digest.

Step 3: Specific herbs to not only help stimulate and support the kidneys but to cleanse your dog’s system, strengthening his immune system while cleansing and supporting the liver. The liver and kidneys are your dog’s filtration system, when one is diseased or not working properly it puts more strain on the other organ which may lead to it becoming compromised as well, recirculating toxins within the body causing disease.

Step 4: Hydrotherapy, this therapy utilizes alternating hot and cold water on the affected area, which promotes rapid healing. This therapy has been used for centuries in Europe to heal every kind of disease. Recently in America body builders and athletes have found hydrotherapy beneficial in repairing torn and injured muscles more quickly by bringing more blood, oxygen and nutrients to the affected area. We have seen hydrotherapy alone heal a dog from chronic sinus infection, repair torn ligaments, rebuild heart muscle and remove lumps and bumps.

Step 5: Exercise, this is something many neglect when their animal is sick. Often exercise is only seen as something necessary for keeping fit or to lose weight. Many don’t realize that exercise not only stimulates circulation and strengthens muscles it also strengthens your dog’s organs, intestines and stomach and creates wonderful healing chemicals within the body. Of course common sense must be used if your dog is extremely sick and you should always start off slowly with short walks and build up day by day.

The Canine Kidney Health program uses an array of therapies, herbs and whole foods to restore your loved one to good health. No one therapy is more important than another. This program is a life change for your dog and will offer his best chance at recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions - Answered by Five Leaf Botanicals:

(Note that these answers are from Five Leaf Botanicals, not Dr. Judy Morgan)


Q. Are there detailed instructions included in the packages?

A. Yes, each package includes a handbook with full dosage and administration instructions as well as recipe suggestions. Dosage and program instructions are also available on the Instructions page of the Five Leaf Botanicals site.

Q. Do I have to stop the medication my Veterinarian has prescribed in order to start your program?

A. No. Most commonly prescribed conventional treatment for kidney failure is safe to continue along with the herbs in our program. In fact, subcutaneous fluids are very important to keep your dog hydrated. If you have not yet discussed this with your vet, please do so asap. Your Vet can show you how you can administer the fluids at home, provide you with everything you will need to do so as well as instruct you on how much you should give and how often.

Q. My dog is very sick and my Vet has recommended euthanasia, is it too late to try?

A. It is never too late to try. The program cannot harm your dog or make him any worse. It’s impossible to know how quickly any dog will respond and to what degree they may improve with the support of our program. We see approximately 70-80% of the dogs who follow our program doing extremely well with the support, many of those dogs were gravely ill before starting the program. There may not be enough time to make a big enough difference in your dog’s health to pull him through but we don’t know that without trying and you have nothing to lose in trying.

Q. My dog is not eating, can I still use your program?

A. Yes, many of the dogs are not eating when they begin this program. The liquid herbal drops can be mixed with some plain yogurt, baby food or apple sauce and syringe fed into the side, (cheek pocket) of your dog’s mouth. Acidity and nausea are common symptoms of kidney failure. There are some effective natural antacid and nausea remedies on the Diet page of our site.

Q. My dog has no appetite and will not eat anything on his own, should I force feed him?

A. Some people do resort to syringe feeding if their dogs have gone for more than a few days without eating. There is an egg and sweet potato recipe on the Diet page of the Five Leaf Botanical website that is very easily pureed to a fine consistency and syringe fed. You can obtain a plastic catheter tip feeding syringe from your Vet if you have a small dog. Some people will use a turkey baster for a larger dog. You do not have to open your dog’s jaw, keep his teeth closed and syringe the food into his cheek pocket.

Q. My dog is vomiting, is there something natural I can give him to settle his stomach?

A. Nausea is a common symptom of kidney failure and can be caused by an overly acidic system. There are some effective natural antacid and nausea remedies on the Diet page of the Five Leaf Botanicals Site.

Q. How do I know if this program is the right choice for me and my dog?

A. If your dog is not cooperative and will not tolerate having the drops administered either by plastic oral syringe or swallowing pills (capsules filled with drops) or having drops mixed in with his food then it is unlikely you will be successful in getting the herbs into your dog.

If you are unable or unwilling to prepare your dog’s meals from fresh whole foods your dog will not get the full benefit from the program.

Best results are achieved when the drops are given 3-4 times per day. If you are only able to give 2 doses per day due to your work schedule (12 hour shifts, etc), your dog may still benefit but would do better if you could give 3 doses per day. If you are unable to give the drops more than once per day it is unlikely the program will be very effective.

Q. Can I continue to use Subcutaneous Fluids (Sub Q) from my Vet while on your program?

A. Absolutely! Subcutaneous fluids are an excellent way to maintain your dog’s hydration. If you have not yet discussed this with your vet, please do so asap. Your Vet can show you how you can administer the fluids at home, provide you with everything you will need to do so as well as instruct you on how much you should give and how often.

Q. Can I continue giving my dog Azodyl along with your program?

A. Yes. The probiotic Azodyl is safe to use along with the herbs in our formulae.

Q. Can I continue using Epakitin or Aluminum Hydroxide along with your program?

A. Yes. Epakitin and Aluminum Hydroxide are both safe to use along with the herbs in our formulae.

Q. My Veterinarian has prescribed Enalapril for my dog but I read that ACE inhibitors like Enalapril can be harmful to the kidneys. Can you suggest a natural alternative?

A. The herb Hawthorne is an extremely safe, excellent natural alternative to pharmaceutical ACE inhibitor drugs. Hawthorne has been shown to regulate blood pressure, increase blood flow to the kidneys and help to reduce urinary protein loss. We sell a Hawthorne Tincture you may add it to your cart by clicking on this link. Always consult your Veterinarian before making any changes to your dog’s medication.

Q. How long will it be before I will notice improvement in my dog?

A. This will vary from one dog to the next. Some dogs will start feeling better within the first few days while others may take baby steps, day by day feeling a little better than the previous. Most dogs have improved greatly toward the end of the first 3 week cycle. If you feel your dog is benefitting from the support of the program we suggest repeating the 3 week cycle as many times as necessary (usually 2 or 3 cycles) until you have blood work that shows all values are back within normal range.

Q. Are there any contraindications I should be aware of?

A. The herbs are safe with most commonly prescribed medication used to manage kidney failure symptoms such as antacids, antinauseants, blood pressure meds, phosphorus binders, antibiotics and subcutaneous fluids. Anticoagulant medications should not be used in conjunction with our Blood Cleansing Tonic and this formula should also be discontinued at least 5 days before any surgery.

Q. How long will my dog have to take the herbs?

A. This program is broken down into 3 week cycles. Most dogs will need to repeat the 3 week cycle two or three times (6-9 weeks) before blood values will be back within normal range. Every dog is different some respond more quickly and in some cases more than 3 cycles may be necessary. You will want to have your dog’s blood values tested before you stop using the herbs to ensure everything is back within normal limits.

Q. Is it necessary to take a break between cycles?

A. No, you can and should repeat the 3 week cycles back to back. Most dogs are using the herbs for 6-9 weeks.

Q. I work long hours, can I double up the drops and give my dog two doses instead of four?

A. We do not recommend doubling up the drops. It is more effective to have the herbs in the body throughout the day than to give a higher concentration less often. You want to give a minimum of 3 doses per day. If you work, give one dose before you leave in the morning, one dose when you get home in the late afternoon/early evening then one more dose before bed.

Q. Can I mix the drops in with my dog’s food?

A. The drops can be mixed with meals if your dog is willing to eat them that way. It is more effective if they are given with a small amount of food so they are more readily digested.

Q. My dog is diabetic, is your program safe for him?

A. Yes. We have had many diabetic dogs follow the program who have done very well. We suggest a raw food diet for diabetic dogs. This alone may have a direct impact on your dog’s insulin requirements so make sure that you monitor his blood sugar levels closely after switching to a raw diet. You may have to lower the units of insulin he is taking when he is eating a raw diet. We have seen this happen many times. There is a raw recipe detailed on the Diet page of our site.

Q. My dog has Cushings Syndrome, is your program safe for him?

A. Yes, dogs with Cushing’s can use our program.

Q. My dog has cancer, can I use your program for him?

A. Our program is safe for a dog with cancer and while it will be supportive of the healing process should not be considered a cancer treatment program.

Q. How much phosphorus is in your dog greens?

A. Each ½ teaspoon of Dog Greens contains approximately 4.47 mg of Phosphorus.

Q. How should the drops be administered?

A. The drops can be administered into the side (cheek pocket) of your dog’s mouth. You should dilute the drops with some plain yogurt, baby food or applesauce to take the edge off the taste as the drops are very strong in flavour. You do not have to open your dog’s jaw to syringe the drops in. More details are available on the Instructions page.

Q. My dog doesn’t like the Dog Greens mixed in his food, how else can I get them into him?

A. Most dogs like the taste of the dog greens but sometimes when a dog’s appetite has been affected by their illness they are not willing to eat thing they would normally enjoy. We suggest first trying to introduce them slowly. Add a pinch of the powder to your dog’s meal. If he eats that then slowly increase the amount you are adding each day so he will become accustomed to the flavour. If your does not like the Dog Greens mixed in his food in any amount you can mix the powder with water and syringe feed it to him. Do the best you can, even if you cannot get the full recommended amount into your dog each day some is better than nothing.

Q. Is there another way to administer the drops instead of using a plastic oral syringe?

A. Some dogs are not cooperative with being syringe fed. For some dogs it’s easier to take a pill than it is to have something syringed into their mouth. If your dog will swallow pills easily or is willing to eat pills mixed or hidden in food you can get empty capsules for the drops. Empty capsules are available at your local health food or vitamin store. You can also order them online at Choose the appropriate size capsule that you feel your dog can easily swallow. Open the capsule and fill with drops. Close capsule and give it to your dog or place in his food to eat. You have to work fairly quickly as the drops will start to soften the capsule within a few minutes. This method of administration works very well for some customers and this way your dog does not have to taste the drops.

Q. Can you guarantee my dog will get better?

A. Unfortunately there is no way for us to know how quickly any individual will respond to the support of our program and to what degree they may improve. We see on average 70-80% of the dogs who follow this program doing extremely well with the support. Most of these dog’s blood values end up back within normal reference ranges within 6-9 weeks.

Q. Do I need a holistic Veterinarian to use the program?

A. No, a regular conventional Veterinarian is fine.

Q. My dog is afraid of water, is there another way I can do the hydrotherapy?

A. You can use hot and cold compresses instead of water. A hot water bottle and a bag of frozen peas will work well. Any means of getting a good contrast in temperature. Further instructions can be found at the bottom of the Instructions page under Alternative Method.

Q. I don’t have a hand held shower head is there another way I can do the hydrotherapy?

A. If your dog is small enough and you have a sprayer on your kitchen sink you could do it there instead. Otherwise, you can use hot and cold compresses instead of water. A hot water bottle and a bag of frozen peas will work well. Any means of getting a good contrast in temperature. Further instructions can be found at the bottom of the Instructions page under Alternative Method.

Q. I got my dog’s blood test results and they are almost back to normal but still above the normal range, should I repeat another 3 week cycle of the program?

A. It appears your dog is benefitting from the support of the program, we recommend you keep repeating the 3 week cycles until you have normal blood results. Please read the first few paragraphs on our Instructions page for more detail.

Q. My dog’s blood work is now normal, what do I do now?

A. Congratulations! For maintenance, once your dog is well, you can continue with home prepared meals including Dog Greens, filtered water and regular exercise. Twice a year in the Spring and Fall we recommend cleansing your dog’s Kidneys and Liver to keep everything running smoothly. This is basically the last two weeks of the three week cycle. One week for the Kidneys followed by one week for the Liver.

Q. What should I feed my dog?

A. Feeding your dog fresh, home prepared meals is one of the most important things you can do to improve his health. There are recipe suggestions on the Diet page of the Five Leaf Botanicals site along with some additional nutrition information. For more recipes, you can check out Dr. Judy Morgan's Yin & Yang book.

Q. Are any of these ingredients from China?

A. None of these ingredients are from China. In fact, 98% of the herbs are grown right here in North America. Five Leaf Botanicals uses exclusively the highest quality Certified Organic or Wild Harvested Herbs.

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