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animalEO Skin Spray Base with French Green Clay

animalEO Skin Spray Base with French Green Clay

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Use Skin Spray Base Green Clay to soothe and heal lesions, with moderate antibacterial and anti-fungal support.

May be beneficial for:

  • wounds
  • hot spots
  • skin fold dermatitis
  • areas of over-grooming

Ingredients: French Green Clay, Skin Spray Base Essential Oil Blend (An amazing base of Helichrysum, Frankincense, Copaiba, Myrrh, and Lavender)

Directions for use: 

Dogs: From lick granulomas, to non-healing wounds, to yeasty paws, skin fold dermatitis, hot spots, ear infections and more… animalEO Green Clay is bound to rock the veterinary world! Any skin condition that would seem to require drying, healing, and soothing is a perfect situation to use animalEO Green Clays! Again – apply with a brush, by hand, dust it on, dab it on, just get it on! Apply the dry powder as often as needed – usually once to twice a day. If a wound is extra weepy and moist – re-apply the Green Clay as soon as there appears to be moisture present again. In the beginning, this may even be more often than three times a day – and that is okay. After a day or two, you will usually have to apply it less frequently.

Cats: Cats with scabs and weeping wounds and scratches, can greatly benefit from the animalEO Green Clays. Again, avoid getting the powder in the eyes, or large amounts of dust near the face where larger amounts could be inhaled.  Cat conditions that are particularly suited to animalEO Green Clay applications include ear inflammations and infections, scabs and wounds from scratching and itching, areas of secondary infections, eosinophilic granuloma areas (use caution if considering applying near the face or lips, body locations are more suited to easy applications), areas of over-grooming and self-trauma to the skin, and so forth. Cat abscesses are quite common – and we desire these to drain. Depending on the individual situation, animalEO Green Clay could be used on an abscess or cat bite area – however we would suggest working closely with an experienced veterinarian to evaluate if the Green Clay is being used at the correct time for the body to heal in the most ideal way. Again use Skin Spray Base Green Clay when more of a soothing or healing application is desired.