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AminAvast Kidney Support for Dogs

AminAvast Kidney Support for Dogs

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AminAvast CANINE-contains Avastamine: a patent pending ingredient created through a proprietary process using amino acids and peptides. Cats and Dogs have seen benefits within weeks of starting AminAvast™. Clients have reported changes in coat, appetite, weight, behavior, and a general all over sense of feeling better. Contains 60 Sprinkle Capsules


  • Helps support cells, particularly in renal tubules.
  • May help glomerular filtration rate (GFR).
  • May help gluconeogenesis.
  • May help decrease protein breakdown, especially in skeletal muscles.
  • Supports the body’s normal inflammatory response.
  • Helps maintain normal renal blood pressure.
  • Helps maintain normal renal vasodilation.
  • Helps increase the hormone that promotes normal renal tissue repair.
  • SAFE – Over 4,000,000 doses administered with no negative side effects reported.
  • Easy to administer.
  • Requires no refrigeration.
  • Three-year shelf life.


  • 21-30 pounds 1 capsule twice daily (for smaller dogs buy the cat product, same ingredients, just smaller size)
  • 31-40 pounds 1 1/2 capsules twice daily
  • 41-55 pounds 2 capsules twice daily
  • 56-70 pounds 2 1/2 capsules twice daily
  • 71-80 pounds 3 capsules twice daily
  • 81-90 pounds 3 1/2 capsules twice daily
  • 91-100 pounds 4 capsules twice daily