Throwing a Dog-Friendly Wedding to Remember

Approximately 85% of dog owners consider their dog to be a member of the family, as reported by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Human beings are more interested in buying healthy foods and treats for their pets, with pet supplement sales alone catapulting to $1.47 billion in 2020. In pandemic times, dogs are providing a more important role than ever. They are keeping remote workers company, giving them a good reason to head to a green area for daily exercise, and providing the unconditional love that makes life special. If you are currently preparing a wedding, and you’d like to include your whole family in the fanfare, your dog should definitely form part of a big day. Read on to discover some inspiration on how to do so in a way that is fun for you and your dog, while also being safe and not too stressful for your pet.

Finding the Perfect Role for Your Dog

Each dog is a magnificent and unique creator, but one study undertaken on thousands of dogs found that dogs tend to have four marked traits in greater or lesser proportions. These are confidence, calmness, sociability, and trainability. Analyzing your dog and matching them up with the right role for them is key if they are to remain calm and happy throughout the event. For instance, a super sociable dog may enjoy simply visiting the different tables at a backyard wedding. A dog that loves being trained and that learns tricks quickly may make the perfect ring bearer. One that is very calm, meanwhile, can provide gentle companionship to a child who may have anxiety or another condition that can benefit from canine companionship. 

Commemorating Your Dog in Your Wedding Accessories or Fashion

Wedding dresses and jewelry are usually traditional in style and nature, but these days, couples are embracing personal touches that transform these into meaningful designs. When Angelina Jolie said ‘I do’ to Brad Pitt, for instance, her wedding bore hand painted versions of illustrations created by their children. You can apply the same creativity to your wedding jewelry. For instance, wedding rings are usually classic in design, ranging from Princess-cut solitaires right through to pavé wedding bands. You can make these personal, however, by engraving a doodle drawing of your dog in the band’s interior or exterior. You can also choose a gemstone in the color of your dog’s fur or eyes, to remind you of the magic your dog brings to your life as a couple. If you are into engraving, check out the wide array of wider wedding band styles that will enable you to scribble messages and drawings via modern engraving fonts. 

Making it Short but Sweet

If your dog is young or is a senior dog, be careful not to overwhelm them and keep their role to a short but meaningful one, so they can go back home and rest. If you choose to keep them in the reception venue, make sure there is a designated doggy relaxation zone where someone can watch over them. Your dog should be included in a few wedding photos. Ideal times for photo shoots include prior to the wedding, the moments when you are getting dressed, and immediately after the wedding in a dreamlike setting—such as beneath an ancient tree. Make sure to bring healthy food and snacks, as well as a bowl of fresh water so your dog is never hungry or thirsty.

The perfect role for your dog at your wedding depends on his or her personality and preferences. Even an older or very young pup can play a key role in wedding photos, though they shouldn’t be over-stressed and should ideally have a quiet, safe spot to have a nap. Dogs who are fit and energetic can take on a host of roles, including those of ring bearer, support dog, and even co-dancer in your very own reception choreography.

Photo by Vlad Sargu on Unsplash

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