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Vitamin D Test Kit

Vitamin D Test Kit

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Vitamin D insufficiency is easy to test and correct. The amount of D3 required depends upon the degree of insufficiency (determined by testing), the patient’s species, weight, age, intact status, diet, and other factors. Testing is simple and cost effective using the VDI Vitamin D test

A blood sample from the patient is applied to a device and simply mailed by common carrier. The device easily crosses international borders without custom declarations. Dosing information is provided on the report with detailing the result and D3 dosing required for the cat or dog, along with recommended supplements that can be found at

Directions for The Pet Owner:

  • Take this kit (unopened) to your veterinarian with your pet
  • Give to vet staff & discuss the need for a serum blood draw
  • Provide contact information to vet staff
  • Don't worry, there are directions & information on the included card that direct veterinary staff as to the next steps!

*Not an at-home test.  Requires a serum blood draw from a vet clinic.

*Fasting recommended (8 hours)