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Naturally Cats Dried Herb Garden for Change in the Home

Naturally Cats Dried Herb Garden for Change in the Home

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Cats that usually select these remedies have experienced a loss, feelings of sadness or have experienced change in the home.

Perhaps another animal in the house has passed into spirit or they have experienced a change of guardian.  If the cat is withdrawn or becoming anti-social you may want to offer these remedies. 


  • Organic Angelica root
  • Organic Lavender flowers
  • Organic Lemon balm leaf
  • Organic Linden flowers
  • Organic Rose buds
  • Organic Yarrow flowers

When a cat is processing a loss it needs emotional support. They may appear withdrawn, off their food or be taking more time away from the family. Both Rose and Lemon balm help to support the healing heart. 

All remedies in this garden may help support cats who are experiencing feelings of sadness.

They can provide, if selected, a nurturing and supportive element to your cat's emotional state. 

How to set up your herb garden

1: Put down a clean towel or blanket (one per cat)

2: Find a quiet space where the cat won't be disturbed

3: Let your cat investigate and be a part of preparing the space

4: Put a good sized pinch of a herb/flower in each corner

5: Sit back and let your cat enjoy the herb garden

6: Leave the garden down for 3-5 days (longer if possible)

7: Top with more herbs/flowers as needed

Signs of Self-Selection

  • rubbing/rolling
  • licking/chewing/ingesting
  • sitting on or coving the herb/flower
  • playing
  • laying down/stillness
  • stretching/scratching
  • swallowing/drooling
  • yawning
  • closing eyes
  • nostrils flaring
  • slow, deep breathing
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