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Five Leaf Botanicals | Canine Heart Health Program

Five Leaf Botanicals | Canine Heart Health Program

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Five Leaf Botanicals Canine Heart Health Program for Canine Heart Disease

Support your dog’s heart naturally

You will learn about Mother Nature’s strongest heart herbs and therapies that you can use to nourish your dog’s heart health.

This Heart Health Program has helped many people support canine health during:

• CHF Canine Congestive Heart Failure

• Valvular Disease

• DCM Dilated Cardiomyopathy

• Canine Heart Murmurs

In our world of Pharmaceutical Drugs, Ultrasounds, E.C.G.s, and X-Rays there is no cure for any type of canine heart disease. Pumping the heart artificially with pharmaceutical medication does not allow the heart muscle to heal. This leads to more medication being prescribed as the heart weakens, causing your dog to ingest more toxins, which can lead to liver disease, kidney disease, or both.

The heart is a muscle and muscles do heal! When someone tears a muscle in his or her leg the best medication is rest, that’s because your body has the ability to heal it. The heart muscle is more complicated because it’s constantly moving. You can’t rest the heart because it is the body’s motor. Every living being's body has a blueprint for how to heal itself; you just have to help it. Extremely powerful herbs and therapies have been proven to work time and time again.

If you are looking for a preventative measure or support after recovery, Pet Protect (link here) is recommended.

With your order you will receive a copy of our Canine Heart Health Program Handbook. This book includes important information on:

• Detailed Program Instructions

• Daily Schedule Samples

• Dosage Chart

• Diet and Exercise

This Kit Includes:

Canine Heart Tonic (1 Bottle)

Ingredients: Hawthorne berry, leaf and flower, Cactus Grandiflorus stem and flower, Motherwort herb, Red Clover blossoms, Ginger Rhizome and Habanero Cayenne peppers.

HAWTHORNE (berry, flower and leaf):

Hawthorne contains potent phytochemicals which have been found in medical studies to:

• Increase the contractions of the heart muscle

• Improve left ventricle ejection fraction

• Reduce peripheral vascular resistance by dilating the blood vessels

• Be a mild diuretic

• Powerful antioxidant

Overall Hawthorne helps the heart pump more easily, but with more force and protects the heart from any future damage.
This herb is considered to be the user friendly Digitalis.


Contains powerful cardiac glycosides which increase the heart’s pumping force without increasing the heart’s oxygen demand. This makes the heart a more efficient pump and able to meet the demands of the circulatory system. I like to think Mother Nature created this herb specifically for congestive heart failure.


Used in Asia for centuries as an all around heart tonic these are a few benefits:

• Helps with cardiac arrhythmia and tachycardia

• A strong influence over the regularity of the heart

• Strengthens weakness of the heart


This herb has proven itself to be a potent heart and circulatory tonic. Red clover thins the blood and helps maintain elasticity of the hearts large arteries.


Two of the worlds best known circulation stimulants. Cayenne rushes instantly to the heart and then works its way out to the rest of the body, ginger does the opposite going to the extremities first then working its way back to the heart. They go hand in hand as the most powerful circulation stimulants.

All ingredients are either organic or wild harvested.

Hawthorne Tincture (1 Bottle)

Ingredients: Wild Harvested Hawthorne Berry, Leaf and Flower.

Hawthorne has been used by great herbalists for thousands of years. It has been proven to be effective for high blood pressure, angina, cholesterol, arrhythmias, atherosclerosis, and congestive heart failure. Hawthorn has been shown in clinical studies to help the heart in at least five ways. It reduces peripheral vascular resistance by dilating the blood vessels, it increases the contraction of the heart muscle, it improves left ventricle ejection fraction, it is a powerful antioxidant and it improves blood flow to the heart. In one study (Tauchert et al 1994) Hawthorne was found to be at least as good as the ACE inhibitor Captopril in an eight week double blind study of 132 people with congestive heart failure. In another study (Leow et al 1996) people with congestive heart disease were given Hawthorne extract and their symptoms were decreased by 66%. Hawthorne is extremely safe and can be used daily without any harmful effects. Our Hawthorne tincture is made from wild harvested Hawthorne Berry, Leaf and Flower. Wild harvested and organic herbs can contain up to ten times more of the potent medicinal properties than chemically grown herbs.

All ingredients are either organic or wild harvested.

Dog Greens (1 Jar)

Ingredients: Spirulina, Chlorella, Alfalfa Grass, Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Kelp and Irish Moss.

Dog Greens provides your pet the following nutrients:

• Coenzyme Q10

• Omega 3 fatty acid

• GLA (gamma-linolenic acid)

• Mucopoly saccharides

• RNA & DNA (nucleic acids)

• Chlorophyll and Xanthopyll

• Alpha-linolenic

• SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase)

• B vitamins including B-12, pantothenic acid, choline, folic acid and others.

• Vitamin A (beta carotene), C, D, E, F, K and others.

• Array of minerals and microminerals including calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, iodine, selenium, silicon, silver, sulfur, iron, boron chromium, cobalt, copper, germanium, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, vanadium and more.

• Full of Enzymes and amino acids

This special blend of super foods is all plant based so it ensures total absorption of vitamins and minerals and is completely safe to take in large amounts. The super foods in Dog Greens will help rebuild the flora that has been lost in your dog’s intestines due to poor nutrition and pharmaceutical drugs including antibiotics. It ensures your dog will meet his nutritional needs so he can stay healthy and fight off diseases naturally. Once you begin supplementing your dog with Dog Greens you will notice many improvements in your dog’s looks and overall health.

WARNING: Always buy organically grown super foods (spirulina, kelp, barley grass etc.) If not grown in pristine monitored conditions, they could contain high levels of heavy metals and toxic poisons thus making your dog sick. We only use the highest quality organically grown ingredients in Dog Greens.

SPIRULINA AND CHLORELLA – not only are these two algae full of nutrients, ounce per ounce spirulina has twelve times the digestible protein than beef and one ounce of chlorella contains more calcium than once ounce of milk.

ALFALFA, BARLEY & WHEAT GRASS – grasses are full of vitamins and minerals, they have been making animals healthy and strong since the beginning of time.

KELP – a seaweed used for centuries to cure many ailments. It is also an anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory. Kelp helps balance out the thyroid and contains 20 key amino acids.

IRISH MOSS – a sea vegetable that fights respiratory diseases and has amazing anti-microbial and anti-viral effects. Irish moss is very effective for digestion problems and will strengthen your dog nails and hair.

All ingredients are either organic or wild harvested.

L-Carnitine & Taurine (1 Jar of Each)

Carnitine Ingredients: Human Grade L-Carnitine, cellulose.

Taurine Ingredients: Human Grade Taurine

Canine heart disease including DCM is believed to be caused by deficient diet, poor genetics (poor breeding etc.), or the inability to synthesize carnitine and taurine naturally in the body or a viral cause.

A healthy dog produces L-Carnitine and Taurine naturally by using vitamins and amino acids obtained through a healthy diet (Lysine, Methionine, B6 etc.). However, some animals are unable to synthesize Taurine and L-Carnitine even with proper nutrition. This can lead to a deficiency causing heart disease, including DCM.

L-Carnitine is a natural protein-like substance that enables cells to carry fuel (fatty acids) to the heart. When a dog is unable to synthesize carnitine or is not getting enough carnitine, the fuel does not reach the heart, resulting in heart disease.

Taurine is an amino acid that is found in muscles, it is most abundant in the heart tissue. It maintains cell membranes, regulates the heartbeat and protects the heart from calcium overload. One study showed it to be more effective than CoQ10.

To get a little more technical, Carnitine’s job is to carry fatty acids into the mitochondria. Fatty acids are metabolized by the mitochondria within the cell. Each molecule of fat must be attached to a molecule of Carnitine in order to be transported across the mitochondria. After the fat has been metabolized in the mitochondria and has generated the energy ATP, Carnitine is again needed to remove the waste product from the mitochondria.

This Kit will last a 20lb dog approximately a month

Frequently Asked Questions - Answered by Five Leaf Botanicals 

(Please note these questions are answered by Five Leaf Botanicals, not Dr. Judy Morgan)

Q: Are these formulae safe to take with pharmaceuticals?

A: Yes these formulae are safe, but you probably ended up on this site because you know drugs are not going to heal your pet’s heart. We understand your concern for your loved one, but it is important to recognize the potential danger of pharmaceuticals and the effectiveness of quality herbal preparations. Herbs work best without toxic drugs; many people do not see the desired improvement in their dog’s health by using pharmaceuticals and seek out natural healing as an alternative. It’s a hard decision especially if you are new to natural healing. We have seen so many amazing results by using our formulae to treat canine heart disease we are confident you can improve your dog’s heart function by following our Canine Heart Health Healing program. The fact of the matter is our formulae are safe to take with pharmaceuticals. Herbs support the body and help in healing the injured or diseased area whereas drugs do the heart’s job, do not support healing, and can be toxic.

Q: Can I stop giving my dog pharmaceuticals all at once?

A: No. If your dog is currently on prescription medication and if you wish to heal his heart naturally, weaning him off the drugs may be possible with the support of your cardiologist. Gradually wean him off over a period of a few weeks to a month under the supervision of your cardiologist. Inform your veterinarian of your desire to take a natural approach to healing your dog. Your veterinarian will be qualified to instruct you as to the weaning schedule based on which drugs your dog is taking. Keep in mind regular checkups with your veterinarian will be important to gauge your dog’s recovery. If your dog cannot be weaned off medication, that is perfectly fine. The herbal support can still help your dog.

Q: What is the shelf life of your products?

A: These tinctured formulas have a minimum 5 year shelf life and powdered herbs as well as the Dog Greens are most potent if used within two years.

Q: How are your formulae developed?

A: Five Leaf Pet Botanicals’ therapies and formulae are based on the exact programs used by Dr. Richard Schulze and Dr. John Christopher to heal thousands of people of “incurable diseases”. We work with herbalists to specify these formulae and therapies for canines in order to bring you the most effective herbal treatments possible for your loved ones.

Q: This program seems intense, could it harm my dog?

A: Heart disease is an intense disease. It will take hard work, lots of dedication, and, yes, intense therapies to heal your dog. Nothing in our program can harm your dog. When most of our customers first come to us their dogs have already been given a death sentence by their veterinarian. As the old adage goes desperate times call for desperate measures. So give it all you’ve got; your dog will thank you!

Q: My dog is in heart failure and my vet recommends he be put to sleep, is it too late to start your program?

A: We believe it’s never too late to try and you should never give up hope. Our products don’t cause any uncomfortable effects and sometimes when you have given up hope that’s when miracles start to happen. That’s the amazing part of natural healing, animal bodies have an amazing ability to recover and should never be underestimated. So don’t be discouraged if your vet has given up on your pet, just stay positive and focus on the goal at hand which is saving your pet’s life. Give it all you’ve got and you’ll be rewarded with many more healthy years with your loved one.

Q: Can I overdose my pet?

A: You should be more concerned about under-dosing. If your pet is seriously ill, we suggest giving the formulae as often as possible. It would take an extremely large amount to “overdose” and the worst side effect would be the possibility of your dog vomiting.

Q: How do I know if my dog is improving?

A: There are many things you can do at home to monitor your dog’s recovery. First, you can listen to his heart with a stethoscope. Familiarize yourself with his heart sounds and count his heartbeats. A normal heart rate ranges from 70 to 120 beats per minute. Keeping a journal will also help you keep track of his improvement. Record your daily therapies, we find this helps keep things simple and ensures you do not miss any doses. We recommend that you work closely with your veterinarian to monitor your dog’s recovery. If your dog has elevated liver or kidney values, you veterinarian can also monitor these organ’s improvements with blood work after you have completed the cleansing portion of the program.

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