Copper Content of Mushrooms for Dogs with Copper Storage Disease

Questions Regarding the Use of Real Mushrooms for Dogs with Copper Storage Disease

RJ Silver DVM, MS

Chief Veterinary Officer

Real Mushrooms

Most mushrooms will contain a small amount of copper. For a dog with copper storage disease, it is important to avoid as much dietary copper as possible.

In order to better inform pet parents which of our mushroom extracts to choose, based on their assayed copper content, here are our measurements of copper in parts per million (ppm= mg/kg) for several of our mushroom extracts.

These extracts are listed in descending order of their copper content and all in this table contain less than 10 ppm of copper (10 mg/kilogram of mushroom extract), which is quite a small amount of copper

Your veterinarian can help you determine, based on the severity of your pet’s copper storage disease, how aggressively they feel the need to restrict dietary copper.


Copper content

Tremella fuciformis 1:1 extract

0.6 ppm

Poria sclerotia 1:1 extract

1.6 ppm

Red Reishi 1:1 extract

3.4 ppm

Lion’s Mane 1:1 extract

5.6 ppm

Shiitake 1:1 extract

6.5 ppm

Chaga 1:1 extract

7.1 ppm

Turkey Tail 1:1 extract

7.4 ppm

Oyster mushroom 1:1 extract

9.9 ppm


The “high-testing” mushrooms include:

  • Phellinus   -   14.8 ppm copper
  • Cordyceps  - 17.7 ppm copper
  • Maitake   -   21.7 ppm copp