• A Story of Thankfulness: Dogs at the First Thanksgiving

      While we have long known dogs to be invaluable members of our families, one of my favorite tales of man's best friend goes all the way back to 17...
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    Don't ruin a high-quality diet by feeding low-quality snacks.
  • Making Cat Food

    Cats are much more finicky than dogs when it comes to eating what we make for them.
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    Navigating the pet food aisle can be frustrating and confusing. Help your pets live longer by providing fresh foods.
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    On November 5th, I received the following e-mail. Others receiving this same e-mail included all the folks at Answers Pet Food, Susan Thixton (Trut...
  • Mold: The Silent Home Toxin Sickening Your Dog

    While the impact of mold in humans is well-documented, the effect that it can have on pets is less understood. But it’s important to know that mold in the home can be toxic to dogs, and could be the cause of ongoing health problems.
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    Labor Day Weekend is a joyous holiday celebrated by many with a family, friends, and FOOD to mark the end of summer. However, be sure to keep your pets' happy and healthy this weekend by keeping an eye out for these hidden dangers... 
  • 5 Types of Pet Owners Driving Veterinarians Crazy

    Nearly every Veterinarian I know got into the world of animal care for the same reasons - a love for all animals and the desire to help them. However, there’s one aspect of running a veterinary practice that many are not prepared for… the human element! 

  • Playing Favorites: The Abuse of Power to Control Pet Food Ingredients

    The question now lingers – will AAFCO see legal action from these suppliers that were essentially eliminated from the animal feed supply chain? There are millions of dollars at stake here. Has the AAFCO board finally met their match?
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    Day One of AAFCO Annual Meeting August 2019 and I’ve already got steam coming out my ears!
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