Would You Feed This Toxic Treat?

Don't fall for the tricks used by the big pet food companies. "Real beef and barley flavor" means this treat contains very little beef or barley. The main ingredients are listed first: wheat flour, glycerin, rice syrup, potato starch, water, wheat gluten....

I don't like to feed wheat flour, as it is a common allergen for dogs. Wheat gluten is commonly implicated in cases of inflammatory bowel disease.

Potassium Sorbate is a preservative that has been shown to damage DNA, which can lead to cancer. Further research is needed. It is used as a preservative to inhibit mold growth.

Titanium dioxide is a white dye. It is listed as a carcinogen. It was found to cause precancerous growths in forty percent of rats when it was added to their drinking water.

Real soup bone taste? Sure...if you add enough flavoring...

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