Wild Fermentation offers a Path to Wellness for Dogs

Co-authored by Dr. Ian Billinghurst, B.V.Sc.(Hons), B.Sc.Agr., Dip. Ed. and Rob Ryan  

What’s been missing from dog diets for a few hundred years? Naturally occurring probiotics from whole foods.  

Fermentation makes foods both more nutritious and delicious for dogs. 

The unique process of fermentation for dogs is considered "wild fermentation".  This is a form of lacto-fermentation, which uses the lactic acid-producing bacteria that occur naturally on the raw food that we ferment. We combine wild  fermentation with another fermentation through grass-fed goat kefir.  

Using these wild-type bacteria is very much in tune with the way our dogs have  gone out into nature for thousands of years, eating these wild bacteria that are  found in and on the plants, berries, and prey animals, including the gut contents  of those animals, whose contents are highly fermented. In this way, Gussy's Gut brings millennia of instinct to your dog in a very clean, optimized, convenient, and  health-promoting way.  

Our wild fermentation process transforms superfoods into even more valuable,  digestible, and useful nutrition for our dogs. This combination of wild-fermented  superfoods and traditionally fermented goat kefir is creating optimal biodiversity  for our dogs they absolutely love.  

This is a wonderful way to support and ensure optimal health for your dog’s  entire intestinal tract. Dr. Billinghurst and I believe supporting your dog's healthy  gut and colon in this way is far superior to any probiotic pills and powders on the  market today.  

Fermented foods help dogs stay healthy and in proper relation to their world (or  greater biome).  

For thousands of years, dogs have been supporting their health using the power of wild fermentation. One of the ways they have done this is to bury their meat  and bones and allow the wild soil microbes to ferment them. Eating this  fermented meat and bones is instinctual for our dogs; in fact, it is part of their  evolutionary diet, which is why dogs naturally crave them. 

Fermentation can be very helpful in breaking down otherwise indigestible plant  materials and releasing their full nutritional potency. This means it both aids in  digestion and improves absorption. 

Wild fermentation is the Gussy's Gut way. It creates an incredible and  convenient way of giving your dog the benefits of nature in your home.  

It is not an exaggeration to say that wild microbial cultures possess a great life  force. This can help our dogs adapt to the shifting conditions of their  environment and lower their susceptibility to disease and illness. This includes  their mental health. You see, bacteria play a vital role in both our immune health  and in the normal healthy processes that constitute the functioning of our  nervous system. You may have heard of the gut-brain axis. This phenomenon  controls many things. A gut in dysbiosis (low good bacteria and higher bad  bacteria in your dog’s gut) can be responsible for low energy, anxiety, anger, and  depression to name just a few. On the other hand, a gut in balance with higher  beneficial bacteria can be responsible for happiness, calmness, centeredness,  and contentment. Gussy’s Gut supports this balance.  

The goal of Gussy's Gut is to support a vibrant, resilient, long life for your dog.  And not just more years - more good years.  

By eating our variety of 19 live fermented superfoods, you promote diversity  among microbial cultures in your dog's body. Biodiversity, increasingly  recognized as critical to the survival of our ecosystems, is just as important at the  micro level in our dog's bodies. This is referred to as micro biodiversity. 

Your dog's body is its own ecosystem that can function most effectively when  populated by a spectrum of healthy microorganisms. By consuming raw  fermenting superfoods from healthy soils, your dog becomes more  interconnected with the life force of their food. Their food is alive. 

Wild fermentation is the opposite of homogenization, uniformity, and  monocultures. It is dynamic, completely natural, and spontaneous like life is. It  also slightly varies from each batch of Gussy's Gut. There are two reasons for  this.  

  1. We never ever add lab-grown probiotics 

There certainly are therapeutic reasons for these types of synthetic microbes, but  not in Gussy’s Gut Daily. These are shelf stable and most can’t make it through 

the acidic digestive systems of dogs. So those good probiotics are mostly a  waste of your money. 

  1. From batch to batch, our ingredients are sourced from different farms and  grown in different soil which may give them different probiotic values. This is  quite exciting and means your dog is never getting just one set of healthy  probiotics from batch to batch.  

The Disadvantages of Lab-Grown Probiotics  

The advantage to other companies of using lab-grown single-species probiotics  in their pills, powders, and chews is you can make a claim on your label that your  product has a certain CFU and species of probiotic(s). No doubt this is great for  marketing. But is it great for your dog long term? Sadly, the answer is no  because our dog’s gut requires biodiversity. Life thrives on diversity and  difference and Gussy's Gut is designed with this in mind; it is produced with wild  bacteria to ensure it never uses these specific and lab-grown types of probiotics.  

Gussy's Gut NEVER-EVER uses:  

- Laboratory-grown or spore probiotics 

- Hydroponically grown ingredients  

- Non-organic ingredients  

- Synthetic supplements 

Gussy's Gut creates our own unique probiotics from nature through our unique  fermentation process.  

With each batch being different and unique, we proudly boast that Gussy's Gut is  not the typical uniform commodity. It is alive and vibrant.  

The process of wild fermentation begins with ingredients grown in healthy soil  that is teaming with life from organic, biodynamic, and regenerative farms. We  are fanatical about the source of every ingredient that goes into our products.  

Gussy's Gut delivers:  

- A clean and healthy fermentation process designed specifically for dogs with Dr.  Ian Billinghurst 

- Enzymatically-activated greens and superfoods = nutrients that are alive 

- Superfoods that support an alkaline environment in the tissues and support  detoxification  

- A healthy spectrum of over 180 vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fatty acids,  amino acids and enzymes that go beyond supplements and beyond the limited  nutrient range prescribed by AAFCO and other authorities.  

- A powerful blend of antioxidants to help neutralize harmful free radicals and  support healthy aging  

Gussy's Gut is delivered to you as a dry powder that you sprinkle over your dog's  food but it is still raw through our long, slow freeze-drying process. We never dehydrate, bake, or air dry our product as it would kill the raw, live, and dynamic  value of the product. 

To give your dog all the benefits of Gussy's Gut, we recommend you order  enough for at least 2-3 months to see the positive effects for your dog. This is a supplement that works deeply within dogs. You must give your dog’s system  time to reset and load up on the nutrients in Gussy’s Gut. The gut needs time to  adjust and heal. For extremely healthy dogs, they respond much faster and you  can see the changes happen faster. For dog’s that need Gussy’s Gut most, it  takes many weeks. The beautiful improvements that our customers report  seeing come in months 3-5.  

One 7.5 oz package contains 135 teaspoons. We recommend one teaspoon per  20 pounds of your dog's weight every day. If you’d like to stretch your dollar  further, you can give Gussy’s Gut every other day for positive benefit. Dr.  Billinghurst says positive benefits come with regular and consistent feeding to  your dog. Every other day can confer benefits. 

If you wish to give extra support to your dog, give 1 teaspoon of Gussy's Gut  Daily per 10 pounds of his/her weight. This can be valuable for older dogs or for  all dogs after surgery, antibiotic treatment, or an illness.

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