The Nose Knows

Why should you care about the color or texture of your pet's nose? Because it gives you so much information! A dry, cracked nose tells you there is a Yin deficiency - lack of moisture and cooling in the body (common with inflammatory diseases, old dogs that have eaten dry kibble for years, pets with kidney disease, etc). A wet drippy nose signifies too much Yin, or moisture, and may be seen with heart failure and other Yin excess diseases. A pale nose shows a Blood Deficiency or possibly a Kidney deficiency. By understanding what the nose is telling you, the diet can be changed to re-balance the body.

From a client:

"We did something we haven't done since last year today...we had "ice cream Sunday" and went for some soft serve- I share mine with my buddy - he loves it so!! Lol. So I took this pic on the right and when I looked at it later I realized that his nose is considerably darker than when I started feeding him the right foods!! I'm so thrilled his "black patent leather" nose is coming back!!! That's a good thing!! The first picture was from when we were about a week into feeding him cooling foods as opposed to the warm I was incorrectly feeding (he's a "warm" guy).....

I highly recommend at the very least going to YouTube and watching Dr Judy's webinars...they're free.... if you can afford get all 3 of her books. Her books have all the charts of the different foods for different issues. There's so much info in there.. She's right on the money with everything. Almost all of your answers to your questions can be found there. I am so grateful to my friend for posting pics of her crock pots full of pup food on FB - I instantly fell in love with her Gracie Mae and was always checking out her posts...and she led me straight here...... so thank you Gracie Mae, thank you Tammy & thank you Dr Judy....I am thrilled....."

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