Kick Kibble to the Curb - Horrendous Ingredients

What started as one blog has turned into six. It might be pretty obvious how much I despise kibble for our pets. Actually, what I really despise is a pet food industry that lies and hides the truth about ingredients from the pet-loving public. Consumers buy high priced kibble, thinking they are providing their pets with the best possible diet. In reality, they are feeding rendered zoo animals, road kill, diseased animal carcasses, and rotting, putrid meat that has been cooked at high temperatures to make soup. Chemicals are then added to the soup to make it "nutritionally adequate". The pet food companies then put pictures of steak and fresh vegetables on the bag labels, wanting us to believe their food is the same that we put on our own tables and serve to our family.

Other companies want us to believe our dogs are being fed like wolves and just as nature intended. I'm absolutely certain wolves and dogs in nature are not eating dehydrated food that has been cooked at high temperatures until it has no nutritional value.

If you love your pets as much as I love mine, you will think long and hard about the diet you feed. Our pets give us unconditional love and they deserve the best. I realize the pet food market has misleading advertising and there is a confusing debate about what is best to feed. The ideal food will vary with every pet and there is no "one size fits all". Do your research. Ask questions. Avoid a kibble-based diet.

Thanks for hanging in for six long blogs about kibble. Go feed your pets a steak.

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