Heart Disease Success Story

Hi Dr. Morgan.

I am emailing you to let you know that my dog with congestive heart failure (grade 4 systolic left apical murmur) was just re-checked with ultrasound today at the veterinary cardiologist and found her heart to have gotten SMALLER!!!

This is all because of you.
I have thrown away the kibble and only cook for the baby (or feed her raw). I’ve added CoQ10 (the contents expressed onto homemade beef heart jerky), and she loves her raw goat milk. She eats an egg at every lunch. And she’s even wearing your diapers and using your piddle pads.
But you are the reason Sophie’s doing so well.
About six months ago we discussed getting rid of all Sophie’s toys since she didn’t play with them anymore. Scratch that! She’s back to being a playful little Maltese/Yorkie mix.
She also had some weird fears (bedtime routine, plastic bags, loud noises, etc) so I started her on CBD. She’s been on for just under a month, and I see a difference already. She no longer trembles at night. She doesn’t run from someone holding a plastic bag. I expect her fears will diminish given more time. And more time she will have, thanks to you.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Merry everything-you-celebrate. Happy new year. And thanks again.
My best for 2018.
Karen DiDonato
Gorham, ME
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