6 Tips for a Pet-Safe Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend is a joyous holiday celebrated by many with a family, friends, and FOOD to mark the end of summer. However, be sure to keep your pets' happy and healthy this weekend by keeping an eye out for these hidden dangers... 


1- Watch that grill!

Labor day festivities often have one thing in common - grill time! Between the burgers, brats, corn and everything in between, you’ll surely be testing the limits of your grill’s grease trap. But be warned -- while grease drippings may smell delicious to your pup -- they are hot, contain toxic chemicals, and are nearly all fat which will surely cause upset stomachs. 

Be sure to monitor the grease tray and any spill-over, and keep any/all pets away from the grill during the festivities (and after your guests leave!). 

2- Contain Your Stray Chemicals

Between bug sprays, sunscreens, and citronella candles, there are bound to be quite a few potentially toxic chemicals within harm’s reach of your pets. I find it’s best to designate one place (perhaps the laundry room or garage) as the ‘spray room’ to store all sunscreen and bug spray to reduce the chances of your pet accidentally ingesting the contents of a stray bottle left in the yard or by the pool. 

3- Curb Snacking! 

Labor Day parties are always packed with delicious, rich treats and generous guests…. and your pets know it!

Dogs and cats are smart and know they can elicit little nibbles from everyone - but be careful! A little goes a long way and a few scraps can quickly add up to a LOT of calories (and one, big upset stomach). 

Please warn your guests ahead of time that your pets are on specific diets and should not be fed from the table. You can also feed your pets prior to the festivities to help prevent begging. 

4- Plan for escapes!

Whether you’re traveling with your pets this holiday weekend, or if you’re hosting a get-together at your house, you should always have a plan (and a back-up plan) to deal with lost pets. 

The best place to start - prevention. Warn your guests (or kindly ask the host of your party to communicate with their guests) that your pet is indoor only and all doors should be kept closed. If this isn’t possible for any reason, have a leash/cord or gates at the ready to keep your pup contained. 

Additionally, be sure to maintain up-to-date microchip information of your pets and have proper tagging on your animals in the incidence of escape! Having tracked pets significantly increases the chance of a return. 

5- Beware the swimming pools!

Much like with children, fur babies should never be left unattended by open bodies of water or swimming pools. Event the best swimmers can have accidents (yes, dogs can have muscle cramps!) rendering them helpless. You should also ensure your pets can easily enter/exit the pool without assistance should they manage to sneak in when no one is looking! 

6- Just say NO to Fireworks!

We all know the dangers of fireworks and our fur babies! I’ve written extensively on the topic in the past and have quite a few solutions available - read more here!


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