10 Reasons to Thank Your Pet Every Day

Pets provide us with things we don't readily receive from the world around us. Here are a few:

1. Your pets greet you with incredible enthusiasm when you come home . No one else is that happy to see you.
2. Your pets know when you need a hug or a snuggle. They will lick your tears away and comfort you in bad times.
3. Your pets love your cooking, even if it's slightly underdone or downright crispy.
4. Your pets will pre-warm your bed on a cold night.
5. Walking your dog provides exercise that is fun; so much better than going to the gym.
6. Pets provide you with friends - how many people have met great online friends through social media groups talking about dogs and cats?
7. Pets attract people - it's impossible to walk your dog without having people smile, nod, wave, or come over to pet the dog.
8. You're never lonely if you have a pet. They listen while you tell them about your no good, rotten, horrible day.
9. Pet's can lower your blood pressure and bring a sense of calm.
10. Having pets in the home can actually decrease the chances of a child developing allergies and asthma.

So thank your pets right now. Don't wait. Give them a hug and remind them you love them as much as they love you. It's important to them.

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