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There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to vaccine recommendations. Find Dr. Judy's recommendations and resources on vaccines below.

  • Is Your Pet Over-Vaccinated?

    How many times have you received a card in the mail informing you that your pet is due for "shots" or "boosters"? I'm a big fan of reminder cards since I can't remember when I'm supposed to schedule dental exams, eye exams, or other routine visits.

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  • Some Veterinarians Don't Understand Immunology

    This is a tale of two veterinarians practicing thousands of miles from each other in the United States. These two veterinarians have something in common with many others - a lack of understanding regarding immunology and vaccinations.

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  • Rabies Vaccinations

    Part 2 of the blog "Some Veterinarians Don't Understand Immunology". More on Rabies Vaccinations.

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Titer Testing

Vaccine titers should be a standard part of veterinary care.

A titer test can tell you if your pet is still protected to avoid unnecessary vaccines.

Click the links below to learn more about titer testing:


Healthy Dog Workshop

Nayked Pet

Supporting Your Pet After Vaccinations

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  • Dog Longevity

    This mini course covers nutrition, vaccinations, veterinary exams, internal parasites, external parasites, and exercise for dogs.

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  • Cat Longevity

    This mini course covers stress, vaccines, environmental chemicals, chemical preventatives, nutrition, grooming and veterinary exams for cats.

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  • Horse Longevity

    This mini course with Dr. Joyce Harman covers stress, nutrition, vaccines, parasite control, and exercise for horses.

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