Working From Home With Pets

Covid has changed our lives in countless ways, some good, some bad. But I have to admit, working from home with spaniels and cats lounging around me sure beats the rat-race of commuting and working in a high-stress environment. However, there are times that I need to make important calls or join online meetings and I need a little peace and quiet! Hopefully, some of these tips can help you manage working from home with your pets.

  1. Try to create as much routine as possible. Regular feeding times, potty breaks, and playtime can help your pets settle in for naps when you really need to have quiet time.
  2. Give your pet regular exercise. Taking the dog(s) out for a walk or playtime in the yard can help diffuse some energy, giving you time to work. Getting outside is good for you too and can help you have more focus while working. Playing with cats can include laser lights, feather toys, or games of chase with a favorite toy. My cat Mittens enjoys a good belly rub.
  3. Reward good behavior and avoid rewarding bad behavior. Incessant barking and begging for treats or attention is certainly annoying when you are on an important call! 
  4. Take occasional breaks during the day. Get up, stretch, and snuggle with the dog or cat for a few minutes, being sure to tell them how well-behaved they have been. A few minutes of play will assure everyone is ready to get back to work (you) and napping (them).
  5. Purchase some new toys or puzzles to keep your pet engaged when you are going to be busy. Treat toys or toys filled with frozen bone broth can be used to entertain both dogs and cats. For cats, a cardboard box filled with paper can be very entertaining!
  6. Provide comfy beds or sleeping areas near your work space. Your furkids just want to be near you, so make them comfy while you work. 
  7. Hire a dog walker to take your dogs out for some fun while you buckle down and accomplish your list.
  8. If you desperately need peace and quiet for an important project, phone a friend and arrange a play date. A little social interaction can be good for everyone.

Photo by Michelle Middleton on Unsplash

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