5 Things You Can Do To Make Veterinary Visits Better for Everyone

  1. Bring your dog on a leash or your cat in a sturdy carrier. Keep the dog on a short leash in the clinic. Accustom your pet to its carrier and to traveling in the car ahead of time. If your pet is aggressive toward other animals, let the staff know that in advance. They may be able to take your pet in through a private entrance.
  2. If your veterinarian doesn't already have your pet's medical record on file, bring it with you or have your previous veterinary team send or fax the records. At a minimum, bring your own notes on your pet's health and medical history. Have a list of medications with strength, dosing schedule, and length of time your pet has been receiving medication.
  3. Arrive on time or a few minutes early for your appointment. Call ahead if you are running behind. (You can also request your veterinary office to call you if they are running behind.) Turn off your cell phone.
  4. If you have financial concerns, be upfront about that. Knowing this in advance can help your veterinarian make recommendations that will provide the most efficient use of your financial resources.
  5. Have a list of questions ready so you will be sure to cover any concerns you may have. If your pet has been ill, bring a list of symptoms, length of time they have been present, and whether the pet has had similar symptoms in the past or has been treated for similar problems. If you do not vaccinate your pet or use limited vaccinations, make sure the veterinarian understands your point of view.