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Vitamin D Test Kit PLUS

Vitamin D Test Kit PLUS

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A great way to save money at the veterinarian! Simply take the kit with you and ask for a serum sample. Then, the serum sample should be placed on the Spot Saver Card.

*This kit requires a blood sample.*

Vitamin D Test Kit PLUS+
Canine / Feline

Now Available With More Testing Options For Your Patients

With our new Vitamin D Test Kit PLUS+, you can now create custom test panels with a single kit ! Now available with add-ons/upgrades that are commonly tested with Vitamin D. You can choose one or more of these in the Optional Tests menu on the Requisition Form. Any optional tests are then invoiced by the testing lab (VDI Laboratory).

Common test combinations can include:

• Essential Vitamins Panel . . . . . (Vitamin D, B-12, Folate, Magnesium)
• Essential Wellness Panel . . . . . (Vitamin D, B-12, Magnesium, Inflammation)
• Joint Health Panel . . . . . (Vitamin D, Degenerative Joint Disease)
• Cancer Risk Panel . . . . . (Vitamin D, Cancer Risk Assessment)
• Full Wellness Panel for Dogs . . . . . (Vitamin D, B-12, Magnesium, Inflammation, Degenerative Joint Disease, Cancer Risk Assessment)

Kit includes (One Patient Test Per Kit):
• Spot Saver Card
• Sample Transfer Pipette
• Patient Information Card
• Plastic Bag with desiccant
• Preaddressed return envelope (postage included)

• No Shipping Costs
• No Refrigeration
• Drop it in the mail

Quicker, more reliable, and costs 50% less than traditional screening methods. An essential part of a patient’s regular checkup screening!