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Pet Greens Organic Meadow Tub
Pet Greens Organic Meadow Tub

Pet Greens Organic Meadow Tub

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Does your pet like to graze on grass, house plants, or other greens? Pet Greens Organic Meadow Tub is a healthy and safe alternative for pets that like to graze. It comes with seeds and soil, simply cut the bag open and follow the instructions for planting and watering. Starts growing in approximately 3 days.

  • Grasses are for birds, reptiles, small pets, dogs & cats.
  • The blend is for finicky eaters & sensitive tummies.
  • Water plants twice weekly, from the bottom, for 1 hour.
  • Trim off yellow & brown bits each day as you notice any.
  • The plants love a little “nap” in the fridge overnight, to save energy & extend life.
  • Grasses live 2-3 weeks, so when “looking sad”, cut up as free samples.

Contents: 100% certified organic and gluten free wheat grass.