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Pet Essences - Sibling Rivalry
Pet Essences - Sibling Rivalry
Pet Essences - Sibling Rivalry

Pet Essences - Sibling Rivalry

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Jealousy and competitive behavior might be the most common issue that our customers come to us with. Maybe you want to be comfortable taking your dog to the dog park or you recently adopted a new cat, but your current cat is fighting with them to control their territory.

Competitive and territorial behavior are natural for animals. Animals tend to fall in one of two categories; pack animals and solitary animals. Changing the dynamic of their pack or introducing new animals into their territory can cause animals to feel forced to stand their ground or protect their pack.

We’ve expertly formulated our Sibling Rivalry Flower Essence to help you help your pet’s jealous or possessive behavior. Sibling Rivalry helps animals to:

  • Reduce competitiveness and jealousy over space, people, or toys
  • Foster sharing and peaceful resolution
  • Alleviate possessive, overbearing, and selfish behavior
  • Stabilize the pecking order within the pack or herd
  • Accept other animals near their owners, home, or territory
  • Promote tolerance in multi-animal homes

Whether you want to have multiple animals in your home (who doesn’t!?), or your want to feel comfortable taking your animal around others, Sibling Rivalry will help.

Sibling Rivalry has helped many types of animals of many ages, from horses entering herd environments to older dogs handling a new puppy in the house. We often suggest pairing Sibling Rivalry with Angel of Mercy, Devil Be Gone, and/or Life’s Changes


A short loading dose is recommended when beginning to use the flower essences. Simply use the recommended dosage two to three times daily for the first three days. Once the desired balance has been reached, use recommended dosage one to two times daily as part of your animal’s daily regimen to optimize efficacy.

Oral Use:
Birds: 1-2 drops rubbed onto their beak
Cats & Small Animals: 4-8 drops per use
Dogs, People, & Medium Animals: 6-10 drops per use
Horses & Large Animals: 12-15 drops per use
Water Use:
Small Bird Water Bowl: 1 drop
Small Water Bowls for Pets: 4-6 drops
Large Water Bowls for Pets: 6-8 drops
Water Buckets (~ 5 gallon): 10-15 drops
Water Troughs: 30-35 drops


A proprietary blend of infusions of European beechcherry plumEnglish hollygreat quaking grassquinceHumboldt's lily, and European wine grape flower essences, distilled water and distilled vinegar.