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NutriScan by Dr. Jean Dodds
NutriScan by Dr. Jean Dodds
NutriScan by Dr. Jean Dodds

NutriScan by Dr. Jean Dodds

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NutriScan (for cats and dogs)

  • The world's leading food intolerance test for dogs and cats.
  • Uses science to measure your pet's tolerance to common foods
  • Data helps you choose a proper diet to enhance your pet’s overall health
  • Testing for 24 purified food extracts and other related food ingredients
  • Easy saliva collection device with a volume indicator
  • A kit with saliva collection instructions
    • note: Your pet must not eat for at least 12 hrs. before testing, water is ok.
  • Salivary IgA & IgM testing (expect results in 2-3 weeks)

NutriScan CELLBIO (only for canines)

CellBio Test data will alert you to inflammation, infection, obesity and cancer markers in your companion animal allowing you to take the necessary steps to restore their well being and insure longevity
 Choose this service if you: 
  • Want to know exactly what your pet is trying to tell you
  • Want know if there are any underlying conditions your pet may be experiencing
  • Includes kit with saliva collection instructions
  • detection of cellular stress
CellBIO is the only clinically predictable diagnostic test for dogs to identify the presence of or predisposition to the oxidative stress damage to cells caused by inflammation, infection, obesity and cancer. The CellBIO test is patent protected. This rapid, practical test uses saliva and currently measures the biolipid marker, isoprostane, that is released from damaged cells into the dog’s saliva. High isoprostane levels indicate that the cells of the dog have or are undergoing oxidative stress that forms free radicals called “reactive oxygen species”.

BioBlend Super 6 Supplement

Support your pets:
Advanced Antioxidant
Connective Tissue Support
Immune and Digestive Support
Skin and Coat Support
Periodontal Support


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