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Native Pet | Relief Chews for Hip & Joint Health
Native Pet | Relief Chews for Hip & Joint Health
Native Pet | Relief Chews for Hip & Joint Health

Native Pet | Relief Chews for Hip & Joint Health

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60AIR-DRIED to preserve all the goodness


Supplement Chews with no weird ingredients? Yes, please! We are so happy to find a company like Native, who believes that the inactive ingredients are just as important as the active ones.

Super functional, clean chews that are all bite and no B.S.

• Specially formulated for senior dogs

• Helps alleviate joint pain & improve mobility

• Aids in long-term joint health

• Helps improve anti-inflammatory response


Organic Green Lipped Mussel

We all know & love Green Lipped Mussels! It's an anti-inflammatory marine superfood containing omega-3 and amino acids. It’s been clinically shown to reduce arthritic scores, joint pain and joint swelling in dogs.

83% of dogs supplemented with green lipped mussel powder in a 6-week period study demonstrated a 30% (or greater!) reduction in total arthritic scores.

[300mg per chew]

All-Natural Polyphenol Blend

Poly-what? Don’t worry, polyphenols are beneficial micronutrients found naturally in fruits, veggies, and herbs. This special blend targets joint inflammation.

Studies have shown that, with the proper blend of polyphenols, arthritic dogs experience improved mobility with significant reduction in arthritic scores.

[120mg per chew]

Turmeric Extract

Turmeric extract (95% curcumin) is filled with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic benefits. A daily dose of curcumin in dogs has been clinically shown to help fight off inflammatory disease.

In one study of 12 arthritic dogs, half were given curcumin and the others NSAIDs. After 20 days, those that received curcumin showed improved anti-inflammatory gene support.

In one 3-month study, dogs with osteoarthritis who were regularly given a combined blend of Curcumin, Polyphenol & Collagen showed relief from pain and increased mobility from sitting to standing.

[100mg per chew]

Black Pepper Fruit Extract

Black pepper fruit extract (aka bioperine) ensures the absorption of curcumin, helping all that goodness to improve organ function. If you have heard of golden paste before, you've heard of the magic that is the increased bioavailability when combining turmeric and black pepper.

[5mg per chew]

    Inactive (But Beneficial) Ingredients

Real chicken, chicken bone broth (featuring type II collagen (40mg per chew - it has been linked to reducing overall joint pain), coconut glycerin, citrus fiber and natural tocopherols

That's it!

Net Contents: 60 Count Chews / 100 Count Chews