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Native Pet | Bladder Chews
Native Pet | Bladder Chews
Native Pet | Bladder Chews
Native Pet | Bladder Chews

Native Pet | Bladder Chews

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AIR-DRIED to preserve all the goodness


Supplement Chews with no weird ingredients? Yes, please! We are so happy to find a company like Native, who believes that the inactive ingredients are just as important as the active ones.

Super functional, clean chews that are all bite and no B.S.

• Helps support healthy bladder function

• Builds defense against frequent UTIs

• Aids in long-term urinary tract health

• Provides ongoing GI tract support


Cranberry extract

First up, it’s our good friend, Cranberry! This targeted extract makes the urinary tract less hospitable for bacterial adherence, colonization, and infection. Thanks, Cranberry!

[200mg per chew]

D. Mannose

D. Mannose is used to move bacteria away from latching onto the urinary tract lining. Researchers have found that cranberry-based sugar works particularly well against E-coli, which is often the culprit of frequent UTIs.

[75mg per chew]

B. Subtilis

And then there’s B.Subtilis, a probiotic strain that’s used to help reduce the number of antibiotic-resistant microbes in the urinary tract, creating a better environment for fighting off UTIs.

[1.2 billion CFU]

     Inactive (but beneficial) Ingredients

Chicken bone broth (for collagen), Tocopherols, Coconut Glycerin, Real Chicken

That's it!

Net Contents:
60 Count Chews / 100 Count Chews