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Momentum Bison Tripe Treats - 3oz

Momentum Bison Tripe Treats - 3oz

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Momentum Natural-Raw Freeze Dried products are made with the highest quality raw ingredients and freeze dried at their peak freshness. All meat product is sourced in America and passed through USDA inspected plants. These freeze dried medallions are cut small enough to feed individually as a treat to reward your pet. Especially useful for training your animal.

100% green (grassfed) tripe. This meat retains the digestive enzymes and good bacteria, which aid in digestion, improve metabolism and boost the immune system.


100% Green Bison Tripe

Guaranteed Analysis 

Protein – 56.75%
Fat – 28.63%
Fiber – 0.12%
Moisture – 6.95%

Serve dry as a treat, as a training reward, or moisten to supplement a meal.