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Hoosier Bulldog Rescue

Hoosier Bulldog Rescue

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Founded in 2017, Hoosier Bulldog Rescue (HBR) is a small group of volunteers dedicated to helping English and French Bulldogs in the Indianapolis area. Our goal is to accept as many bulldogs into our rescue as we can, however we are very small so please understand our resources are limited. We accept bulldogs from animal shelters, puppy mills/breeder situations, as well as directly from families who are no longer able to provide care for their bulldog. ​

​HBR's Mission:

  • ​​To accept Bulldogs directly from owners who can no longer keep them, regardless of the reasoning.
  • To accept Bulldogs from shelters in order to provide them with specialty care and placement that may otherwise be difficult for an all-breed facility.
  • To rehabilitate Bulldogs through medical and behavioral intervention.
  • To educate the public and potential adopters on the special needs of the Bulldog breed.
  • To educate the community on responsible pet ownership.
  • To assist people/families in keeping their Bulldog. Rescue is not only about rehoming dogs; it's also about keeping dogs in good families when possible.