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Bones & How to Feed Them (Online Course)

Bones & How to Feed Them (Online Course)

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Follow this link for Dr. Nick Thompson's course via Dr. Judy U, Bones & How to Feed Them. 

In this mini course, Dr Nick Thompson, Founding President of the international Raw Feeding Veterinary Society delves deep into his 25 years of experience to show you how to feed your dog bones for maximum benefit and safety. His first video 'Raw Feeding: The Basics' was a huge hit. The raw feeding public asked for more. Here it is just like the last video - 10 short, information-packed lessons taking you from a bone feeding zero to hero in less than 80 minutes:

Chapters include:

1. Why Bother with Bones?

2. Risks of Feeding Bones?

3. Benefits of Feeding Bones

4. What if I Don’t Feed Bones?

5. Bone Size Matters

6. How to Feed Bones – Part One

7. How to Feed Bones – Part Two

8. Educating Dogs to Eat Bones

9. Pups, Adults and Senior Dogs

10. Bones that Aren’t Bones?

Treat yourself to the video. Treat your dog to the bones.